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The Best Salisbury Solar Panel Installers


Salisbury is home to some of the best known tourist attractions and historic sites in the UK, but it’s also home to a variety of green energy and solar initiatives, including community owned solar arrays and programs, which save the city thousands of tons of C02 emissions each year.

With multiple local solar farms, solar initiatives that include solar panel installations on public buildings and colleges, and a climate that is highly suitable for PV power, Salisbury is a good fit for nearly any kind of solar installation. With local regulations that don’t require you to get a permit for small solar installations, Salisbury is also one of the easiest places in the UK to install domestic solar.

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Solar Installations in Salisbury

Salisbury is one of the sunniest inland areas in the UK with an average of just over 1,650 hours of sunlight per year, which makes it a good fit for installing PV power arrays. This has led to a number of such installations, including community efforts, government, and private installations of solar arrays and farms, on rooftops and in fields.

Westmill Solar Farm – The Westmill solar farm is the first communally owned solar farm in the UK, and was built, in part, by the citizens of Salisbury, with a total of over 1,650 investors. The farm covers 30 acres and generates 5MW of power.

Bradbury House – The Wiltshire County City Council installed solar panels on the Salisbury Bradbury House as part of a county wide initiative to go green with public buildings. The Bradbury House offers short term care to people in need, and now supplies some of its own power with solar.




Choosing a Salisbury Solar Panel Installer

Choosing a Salisbury solar panel installer should depend on your location, whether you need a commercial or domestic solar panel installation, and the size of your installation. It is important to choose the right installation company, as the advice offered, prep, and location of the panels could actually affect how much power your panels generate, as well as your Feed in Tariff rate based on your EPC rating. If you need a 50Kw or bigger panel installation, you may also have to choose a solar panel installer who specializes in commercial arrays. The following include a few of the best Salisbury solar panel installers.




Alexandra Heating Services 
Unit 8, The Centurion Centre, Castlegate Business Park, Old Sarum, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 6QX | 0800 7810 945 | 01722 417873

AHSAHS offers a variety of renewable heat and solar services to the Salisbury area, including solar PV and solar thermal. While primarily a heating company, AHS offers professional solar panel installation backed by MCS accreditation, REAL membership, and is a NICEIC approved contractor. They also have a very good reputation for professionalism, quality work, and fast installation, including emergency work. Some of the companies services include a free quote, a home survey, and a labour warranty on top of manufacturer guarantees.




PV Install Ltd. 
9 Mill Rd, Netheravon, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 9QB | 0800 002 9474 | 01722 663 633

pv installsPV Install Ltd. Stands out as one of the best Salisbury solar panel installers with their unique 5-point guarantee. The company offers full assurance of a complete home review, structural check, an on-time and on-budget installation, energy generation, and that the installation will qualify for the FIT program. PV Install is MCS accredited, and a REAL member. The company primarily installs small domestic systems around the area, but also offer commercial and small business solar. All of their panels are backed by a manufacturer guarantee as well as a service warranty.

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