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The Best Plymouth Solar Panel Installers


Plymouth may be well known for projects like the Fireworks festival, but at heart, the city is one of the greenest in the country. With multiple projects aimed at zero-energy usage, including the Bickleigh Down Eco Village, multiple free installation of solar panels around the city, and the District Energy scheme, aimed at producing most or all energy used locally, Plymouth stands out for its renewable projects and solar installations.

For businesses, Plymouth also has a strict policy requiring companies to reduce their carbon footprint, as the city aims for a total of 20% carbon emissions reduction by 2020. Phase 2 of the Corporate Sustainability project is installing solar panels, which means city funded solar developments around the city. Essentially, installing commercial solar panels is actually required for some new businesses. With plenty of Plymouth solar panel installers to choose from, the information here should help you get started.

Plymouth gets more than its fair share of rain, which might lead some to wonder if it’s suitable for generating solar power. Luckily, Plymouth also gets more than its fair share of sunshine, with an average of 200-400 hours more sunlight per year than some other parts of the UK. With a normal 1,600 or more hours of sunshine per year, Plymouth is actually one of the best places in the UK to install solar panels. While summer months, especially June and July, account for more sunlight than winter months, you can generate PV power with solar installations year round, especially with newer panels that collect some energy from indirect light as well.

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Plymouth City Solar Initiatives


Plymouth has dozens of local solar installations, but some of them stand out. The Plymouth City Council had been involved with multiple solar thermal and solar PV projects since 2012, and it’s beginning to show in the results of largescale efforts, including the free installation of solar panels on over 21 local schools. In fact, the Plymouth City Council has been so proactive with solar and green energy activities that they’ve increased results by 80% or more year over year, every year, since 2012.

PEC Renewables – While not a solar installation, Plymouth’s PEC Renewables is a local partner that works with the Plymouth City Council to sell shares to crowdfund large solar projects. The first solar share placed solar panels on over 21 schools, and the second one funded as of May, 2015, and will allow the partner to install solar panels on the Plymouth Life Centre, which will make it the largest solar roof in the UK. Additional solar installations, including more solar panels on community buildings and schools, are also underway. The local Plymouth solar installers doing the work are funded by the shares, and then profits go back to the community, who own the shares.

Bickleigh Down Eco Village – The Bickleigh Down Eco Village in Plymouth is a concept where the Plymouth City Council is working to help create zero-energy/zero-bill homes, using low-carbon construction, and homes that generate more power than they need, using primarily solar for both PV and thermal usage.




The Best Plymouth Solar Panel Installers

Choosing a Plymouth solar panel installer means looking for an installation company that offers the rates, services, and panels you want or need for your home or business. These top Plymouth solar panel installers offer quality services and panels.




AWL Electrical Services
Ruru, Little Fursnewth, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 6RS | 01579 320 132 | 07891 181 741


awl electrical servicesAWL Electrical Services is a Plymouth solar panel installer offering a variety of electrical services in the entire Cornwall and West Devon area. With over 1,000 local solar panel installation, AWL has a great deal of local experience despite the small size of the company. The company also offers solar panel maintenance and repair, are MCS accredited, members of NAPIT, REAL, RECC, and Electric Safe. AWL Electric Services offers quality domestic solar panel installations, reasonable pricing, and have a good reputation with customers.




AJK Services LTD
Units 1-3, Aspire Business Centre, Ordnance Road, Tidworth, Wiltshire, SP9 7QD | 01980 846 127


ajk services ltdAJK Services LTD is a Plymouth solar panel installer with a large service area, and a variety of offerings including basic electrical and mechanical. While their solar panel installation is limited to solar thermal, the company installs cost effective systems at affordable rates, as well as other electrical systems including boilers and radiators, so you can save money by having everything installed at once. AJK Services is a NICEIC contractor, an ECA member, and a Safe Contractor but is not MCS accredited.




Cornwall Solar Panels
Seabase Units, Treloggan Ind Est, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 2SX | 01637 697 009 | 01872 562 775


cornwall solar panelsCornwall Solar Panels is a full service solar panel installation company working in most of Cornwall and Devon. With a large service area, and surveyors who work with you from start to finish, you can get a good idea of your homes suitability for solar panels, and help with the installation. Cornwall Solar Panels offers installations for both commercial and domestic buildings, and have installations on everything from single family homes to large commercial buildings like the Trenance Chocolate Factory. The company is MCS accredited, a member of the Solar Trade Association, an REC Solar Professional, and NAPIT accredited.




Unit 10c, New Mills Industrial Estate, Modbury, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0TP | 01548 831 890


eco nrgEco NRG offers renewable installations including solar PV and solar thermal across the South West, including Plymouth. With a large company, Eco NRG offers big business services including a referral program, help with applying to the FIT program, a free EPC inspection, and help with finding funding. For domestic installations, Eco NRG offers Premium Sunpower panels, which feature a 25-year output guarantee. They also offer commercial installations and work with REI to offer free Solar PV for schools. Eco NRG is MCS accredited, RECC members, and HIES members.




Green Energy Solutions LTD
Eurotech House, Burrington Way, Plymouth, PL5 3LZ | 01752 946 410


green energy solutionsGreen Energy Solutions LTD is a local Plymouth solar panel installer with a large service area, including offices in surrounding areas. With strict quality standards and brands, solar PV and solar thermal, and 10 years of experience, Green Energy Solutions LTD is a good choice for local residents. The company only offers domestic installations, which makes them a good fit for residents who want a customized installation. Green Energy Solutions does not offer budget solar panels, but focuses on quality first. They are also MCS accredited, a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.




Outlook Energy
Trevithick, Brunel Business Park, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 4TJ | 0845 052 9650


outlook energyOutlook Energy specializes in large-scale solar panel installations for agriculture, businesses, and industry, but also offers residential solar panel installations. With a five year module warranty on all panel installations, an expected 25-year lifespan on panels, MCS accreditation, Outlook’s solar panels are guaranteed, and qualify for the Feed-in-Tariff. The company also offers funded options for those who cannot afford their own panels. Outlook has experience with installing solar arrays between 2 and 100 kW, and has a great deal of quality customer feedback, despite being a relatively new company.




ZLC Energy
Glebe House, Beach Road, Carlyon Bay, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL25 3PG | 01726 390 390


zlc energyZero Low Carbon Energy offers full service solar panel installation in Plymouth, as well as surrounding Cornwall and Devon areas. With services starting with an appraisal and diagnosis to determine the solar array and green energy solutions that best fit your home or business, ZLC Energy works well if you aren’t yet sure if solar is a good fit for you. The company also offers full installation, as well as long-term maintenance and repair. Support for multiple green energy technologies also means that ZLC offers full integrated and off-the-grid systems for heat, biomass, and more.




Andrew Davy Electrical South West Limited
Measham, Rilla Mill, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 7PQ | 01579 362 789


andrew davy electrical south west limitedWith over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry Andrew Davy is a well-established business that recently added solar panels and solar PV into their offerings. The company offers commercial, domestic, industrial, and agricultural offerings, with brands including top German manufacturers like SunWorld. While primarily electrical technicians, Andrew Davy has a history of several dozen local solar panel installers, with happy customers. They also offer custom fitting solutions like the SunWorld Sundeck for attaching panels to rooftops.


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