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Paignton Solar Panel Installers


With high temperatures and a location in one of the sunniest parts of England, Paignton is one of the best places to install solar panels in the UK. With local Torbay solar projects including solar panels on city buildings, schools, and support for domestic and commercial solar panels, as well as other public projects, the city and the city council are both highly supportive of solar projects. While there are not a great deal of public solar installations in Paignton yet, there are plenty of Paignton solar panel installers, including accredited installers who qualify you for the Feed-In-Tariff, available.

If you’re considering installing solar panels on your property, consider this list of the top Paignton solar panel installers when choosing the company who does the work.

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Are Solar Panels a Good Fit For My Home or Business??


Paignton, and in fact, the entire English Riviera, including Torquay, and Brixham, make up one of the sunniest areas of the UK, and therefore one of the best places to install solar in England. With an average of around 1,800 hours of direct sun per year, a majority of roofs suitable for solar panels, and low fog and cloud coverage through most of the year, Paignton is an excellent fit for anyone who wants to install panels. While exact rates vary depending on your specific roof and the size of the solar array, most panel systems pay off within 6-7 years or less.




Solar Efforts in Paignton

One of Paignton’s largest solar installations is in fact, not on one building, but 45. A 2011 decision to make the city, and the entire Torbay area, green, included the installation of solar panels on most of the major public buildings in the area. The project is expected to earn an eventual net £1.5 million over 25 years, including some £640,000 in reduced energy costs for the buildings.

With homes, schools, and businesses around Paignton following suit, the city has a number of solar panel installations, including PV power and solar thermal. Local developments are also adding solar installations to houses, which means that many new developments are at least partially green.




Top Paignton Solar Installers

While there are not a great deal of Paignton solar installers, most of the companies in Devon and nearby Tor Quay service the area, so there are a lot of options to choose from. The following include a few of the best Paignton solar installers.




Passive Energy
ECG9 South West Energy Centre , White Rock Business Park, Long Road, Paignton, Devon , TQ4 7BL | 01803 392 150


passive energyAs a Green Deal advisor, Passive Energy can help both homeowners and business owners save money on installing renewable energy and their installations qualify for FIT with an MCS accreditation. With systems ranging from budget to premium PV panels, and from primarily British suppliers, Passive Energy offers high-quality systems tailored to individual needs. The Paignton solar panel installers have installed arrays in places around the area including the Mosely Post Office, and a large 50 Kw systems up at the Scott Young Research Ltd.




Neil Pittam Electrical Installations
Rozel, Galmpton Farm Close, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 0NP | 01803 845 067 | 07966 689 074


neil pittam electrical installationsWith services including electrical solutions and solar installations, Neil Pittam Electrical Installations offers everything you need for solar, including re-wiring when necessary. The company is an MCS and NICEIS approved contractor, and Renewable Energy Assurance Listed (REAL), qualifying their installations for FIT. Neil Pittam also offers a variety of technologies including standalone, hybrid, and grid connected systems with trackers and sensors to improve performance. The company includes a two-year insurance backed service warranty on all of their installations, in addition to the manufacturer warranty.




Eco Trades
224 Torquay Rd, Paignton TQ3 2HN | 01803 393 530


eco trades Eco Trades specialises in renewable energy solutions including solar PV, solar thermal, and thermodynamic solar panels. As an MCS approved installer, Eco Trades qualifies for the FIT program, and offers panels from top brands including Samsung and Panasonic. The company offers free estimates on costs, is a Green Deal approved trader, and offers some help with FIT application. Eco Trades also provides a variety of different emergency services and repairs, and have a good reputation around Paignton for responsiveness, fast installation, and quality work.




Devonshire Renewables
103 Barnfield Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 2JX | 01803 524 598


devonshire renewables Devonshire Renewables offers solar panel installations around the Paignton area, with a variety of brands and both solar PV and solar thermal available. The company is an MCS and NICEIS approved installer, and a member of the RECC. With services including a 24-hour callback time, a short service warranty, and a free, no-obligation survey and quote, Devonshire Renewables allows you to check costs, and compare with other local Paignton installers before making a decision. Devonshire Renewables primarily offers small solar installations of 1-10 kW.




Safe Heat Torbay
Unit 7, Yalberton Tor Industrial Estate, Alders Way, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7QN | 01803 523 356


safe heat torbaySafe Heat Torbay offers solar thermal and solar PV installations in the immediate Torbay and Paignton areas. For solar thermal, Safe Heat offers Clearly Solar, a solar water heating system that can provide 40-60% of the hot water used by most homes. The company offers a variety of brands for solar PV, and is MCS approved, so installations qualify for the FIT program. Safe Heat offers an initial home survey with a free recommendation on which types of renewable solutions best fit your home or business.


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