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Top Gloucester Solar Panel Installers


Gloucester may be one of the areas with the least amount of installed renewables in the UK, but for local citizens and businesses, that means smaller domestic installations and mid-size commercial panels are all the more important. With the same high capacity for solar output as other parts of the South West, solar panels are not only a good way to go green, but can also pay off within 7-8 years.

The city does have some, primarily communally funded solar efforts, like the Gloucester Community Energy Coop, where the community gets together to plan, crowdfund, and set up local, community solar panel installations.

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How Much Can You Save With Solar Panels in Gloucester?


Gloucester is located in one of the best areas of the UK for installing solar panels, with an average of 1,400 hours of sunlight per year. With fewer hours of rainfall than some other parts of the UK (although storms are intense), you also get plenty of indirect light. This makes an ideal climate for solar panels, despite the heavy rainfall, because you have plenty of opportunities for harvesting PV power. For example, the Gloucester Resource Centre currently saves around £1,500 per year on their energy bills with their single solar installation, while a 4KW installation should see a return of about £700 per year.




Solar Installations to Look for in Gloucester

Gloucester is just beginning to make community solar installations, mostly thanks to the Gloucester Community Energy Coop. Multiple installations on the CityWorks building and the Gloucester Resource Centre are available to be seen in the city, while the GCEP works to fund new solar installations for local schools. Gloucester University and CWP both have their own 50kw PV systems installed as well.

CityWorks BuildingThe CityWorks building holds one of the largest solar arrays in Gloucester, with over 220 feet of solar panels on the roof.

Gloucester Resource Centre – The Resource Centre sports a solar installation on the roof, funded by the GCEP, and supplies much of the electricity needed by the building.

Willersy Solar FarmThe Willersy Solar Farm is a 3.8Mw solar farm in Gloucester combining biodiversity efforts with solar PV production. The farm includes planted flowers and boxes and habitats for local wildlife, at levels low enough to avoid disrupting solar collection.




Gloucester Solar Panel Installers

With dozens of local Gloucester solar panel installers to choose from, it is important to research your needs and choose the best installer available to service your home. The following include the top Gloucester solar panel installers.




1 World Solar
1 World Solar, Unit 4 , Parkway Trading Estate, St. Werburghs Road, Bristol, BS2 9PG | 0117 941 1663


1 world solarAs one of the largest solar installers in the South West, 1 World Solar is an excellent Gloucester installer, with a quality reputation, and plenty of solar panel brands and systems to choose from. The solar panel installers offer both commercial and domestic arrays, as well as PV thermal, and a number of other renewable energy technologies. It is also MCS, RECC, Solar Trade Association, and Green Deal Approved. The company has installed thousands of systems in the Dorset area, including on the Bristol University, TGI Fridays, and the Bristol Zoo Gardens.




Go-Green Energy
Go-Green Energy (Group) Limited, Park House, 12 High Street, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 2AQ | 0800 043 0191


go-green energyGo-Green Energy focuses on offering competitive pricing on MCS certified solar components and installations. The company is MCS approved, has individual consultation and installation teams, and works with you through every step of the process, to offer financial advice for panels and installation choices, as well as advice on rooftop modifications and installation type. As a Green Deal approved Gloucester solar panel installer, the company also qualifies for help with solar panel financing. Go-Green also offers a very good insurance backed installation warranty on top of manufacturer warranties to provide additional guarantees for your investment.




Regensys, 4, Brixham Road, Bristol, Bristol, BS3 5LQ | 0117 914 8368


regenesysRegensys provides consultations, installation, and long-term maintenance and monitoring for a variety of renewable energy systems including solar PV. With a budget minded planning team, Regensys is suitable for those looking for a good deal, but also offer quality work and installation, leading to their reputation as one of the best solar panel installers in Gloucester. Regensys has installed solar panels on small to large buildings, with notable installations including the Bristol Airport, Oakham Treasures Museum, and Swindon College, as well as numerous homes and businesses in the Dorset area.




Steve Unett Solar
64 Brookfield Rd, Hucclecote, Gloucester, GL3 3HQ | 01452 506 555


steve unett solarSteve Unett Solar has been installing solar panels in Gloucester since 2004, and primarily focus on offering 10 kW and smaller arrays for commercial and domestic buildings. The company stands out with several very affordable installation options, as well as unique services like solar panel cleaning and long-term maintenance. SU Solar also offers call-backs within 24 hours with a quote for those comparing rates. The company is also family owned, and puts money back into projects like planting trees. With over 6 available solar panel brands, quality workmanship, and MCS/RECC approval, Steve Unett Solar is one of the best small Gloucester solar panel installers.




B-Line Project Services
Lower Mills, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 2BB | 01453 826 740


b line project servicesB-Line Project Services offers a variety of renewable energy installations in Gloucester including solar thermal and solar PV. With bespoke solutions for both domestic and commercial buildings, the solar panel installers ensure that each array is specifically suited for the building at hand. They are also MCS, RECC, and NICEIC approved, offer a full insurance backed workmanship warranty over manufacturer warranties, and works with multiple solar panel manufacturers including SunPower. While a small company, B-Line offers quality services, and services much of the Dorset area around Gloucester.




Roxon Electrical LTD
Unit D4, Innsworth Technology Park, Gloucester, GL3 1DL | 01452 731 088


roxon electrical ltdWith a combination of electrical and solar installation services, Roxon Electrical is able to offer quality solar panel installations, including internal wiring and systems. Roxon’s reputation with their customers is extremely good, which is one of the reasons they top the list of the best Gloucester solar panel installers. They also have a variety of solar panel offerings, an insurance backed warranty, and 8 accreditations, including MCS/NICEIC and Energy Savings Trust approval. With hundreds of local installations, and installation advice on how to choose the best value for your money, Roxon is a good fit for residential and small business solar needs.




ARD Solar
The Barn At Oaklands, Gorsley, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7SE | 01452 506 801


ard solarWith a wide service area around Gloucester, MCS certification, and a variety of MCS approved brands, ARD Solar has plenty to offer for small businesses and residential buildings. The company offers free quotes and recommendations on solar installations, and has a unique offering of allowing you to cancel the contract within 7 days of signing, so long as the panels are not yet installed. As an MCS, REAL, NAPIT, SHARP, SMA, SHUCO, and Energy Savings Trust approved seller, the company also has plenty of accreditations.




Helios Solar Energy UK LTD
Whitminster, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 7PS | 01452 741 037


helios solar energy uk ltdAs an MCS, RECC, Trading Standards, and Green Deal approved Gloucester solar panel installer, Helios Solar Energy UK offers quality installations backed by insured guarantees. The company primarily specializes in residential and small business solar arrays, but also offers re-installation, repair, long-term maintenance, upgrades, and roof repair and structural support. Free consultations and surveys allow you to get advice before you decide on panels, so you can make a good decision. The company also offers a 10 year workmanship warranty on all installations.


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