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The Best Frome Solar Panel Installers


Frome is home to a variety of different types of housing and businesses, a great deal of local solar farms and installations, as well as solar installations on city and public buildings, all of which help to save the city money. While not all homes in Frome are suitable for solar arrays, many are, and with an average of 1,600 hours of sunlight per year, the weather makes it easy to earn your money back on solar panels in 5-10 years depending on the size of the installation.

Choosing the best Frome solar panel installer is important if you want to ensure high returns, a quality, maintenance free installation, and the highest PV power output possible.

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Solar Efforts in Frome


Frome has a number of its own solar efforts, as well as community and county wide solar installations and farms around Somerset. Among those are public buildings, social housing, garbage bins, and several schools, as well as multiple solar farms feeding power directly back into the grid.

Big Belly Bins – Frome is taking part in the Bigbelly Bin project, which features solar powered trash bins with build in compactors, allowing them to store as much as 5x more waste than traditional street bins. The solar power allows the bins to take up the same carbon footprint, while reducing trash on the street, and allowing the city to cut costs on picking up waste. Multiple Frome solar panel installers are also working on solar farms, like the Howell Hill solar farm.

Fitzmaurice Primary – Fitzmaurice Primary school community funded a solar panel installation on their roof as part of the Solar Schools project. The school installed 46 panels on their roof, generating 75Kw in their first 5 days of operation.




Top Frome Solar Panel Installers

With dozens of solar companies in Somerset, there are a great deal of Frome solar panel installers to choose from. Whether you want a small-scale 2-5Kw domestic installation or a larger business or commercial installation, you will have multiple choices and several options for installing in your area. Compare solar panel installers in Frome here. 


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