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The Best Solar Panel Installers in Exmouth


Exmouth is located in one of the top two most solar friendly counties in England, with over 83 local installed solar farms feeding power back into the grid. The sunny climate, which offers some 1,600-1,850 hours of sunshine per year, is one of the sunniest in the UK, making it an extremely good fit for installing solar panels. With more industrial solar parks approved for installation in brown and green agriculture fields, Exmouth could soon be capable of producing much of its own electricity with the power of the sun.

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Solar Energy Groups in Exmouth

Exmouth is home to a number of local solar energy groups, as well as county wide Devon groups, including the Bovey Tracey Action Group, the Newton and Noss Environment Group, and the South Devon Coast Environmental Group. These groups offer community solar and renewable energy projects, which individuals can back and invest in to lower the carbon footprint of the area, and profit in the long-term, by earning a share of the returns after the systems pay for themselves.




Solar Farms and Installations in Exmouth

Exmouth is home to numerous solar farms including some public installations put in by the Devon County Council. With multiple initiatives, including community renewable energy projects, as well as several local large-scale farms, a great deal of the local energy in the grid is provided with solar.

Liverton Farm – The Liverton Farm installation is a 26-acre solar park which will supply enough power for 1,000 homes, which will be used to power the Liverton Two Business Park. </>p

ByStock Farm – The Bystock Farm solar array is set to provide enough power for 1,800 homes and covers 32 acres, with an agriculture space for grazing sheep between the panels.




Top Exmouth Solar Panel Installers

Installing solar panels on your home or business is a big deal, considering that most panels last between 25 and 35 years. With an average of 5-10 years to pay off depending on the system and the quality of the installation, it is important that you choose the right company to fit your panels to ensure that they require the least amount of maintenance, get the most exposure to the sun, and qualify you for the best EPC rating. The following include a few of the top Exmouth solar panel installers.




4 Seasons Solutions
80 Langstone Drive, Exmouth Devon, EX8 4JD | 0800 955 6118 | 01395 320 118


4-seasons-solutions4 Seasons Solutions offers a variety of services, and solar installation is one of them. The company is MCS and Elecsa accredited, and offers a variety of solar panel brands including SolaX, as well as battery power storage systems, hybrid systems, and monitors. 4 Seasons Solutions primarily offers home and small business arrays. They also install solar thermal for hot water and home heating solutions. A long-term maintenance and cleaning service allows you to keep panels in good shape. 4 Seasons Solutions is a well-established Exmouth business with a reputation for quality.

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