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The Best Clevedon Solar Panel Installers


Clevedon is located in one of the sunniest and most solar friendly regions of the UK, with over 40 local solar farms, dozens of city solar initiatives, multiple solar community projects, and plenty of domestic and commercial installations. The city has multiple solar initiatives started by the North Somerset Council, including solar thermal and solar panels on many city owned buildings. With a variety of local efforts, including a strong residential support of solar, it is easy to see panels around the city. With a great deal of farmland and countryside in the surrounding area, it’s also a popular place for solar farms, with over four new installations in the area in the past few years alone.

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Weather in Clevedon


The weather in Clevedon is very suitable for solar panels, with just under 1,600 hours of sunlight per year. While slightly under the average for the region, Clevedon still gets more sunlight than most of the rest of the UK. This means that you can pay off a normal domestic solar installation in around 7 years, and a larger commercial array much sooner. With a south facing roof, no obstructions, and a high EPC rating, you could pay it off sooner.
As a result, Clevedon is home to a number of solar panel installers, including multiple offering free solar panel schemes. The city council also has a number of panels installed on its buildings, thanks to the North Somerset council, which provide some of the electricity they use. With multiple solar power farms in the area, including over a dozen applications, and the large community solar array on Ham Lane and another around Moor house Farm, built by Low Carbon Gordano, there’s plenty of solar power in the area. Most importantly, some of it has been performing profitably for several years.



The Best Clevedon Solar Panel Installers


Clevedon’s sunny weather and high propensity towards green power means that there are plenty of solar panel installers to choose from in the area. If you want the best, you have to look for MCS accredited installers with a good reputation who offer installations in your specific area. Because the installer can affect your FIT rate, as well as the maintenance required on your solar array, it is important that you research and choose a quality installer. Here are a few of the best Clevedon solar panel installers for you to choose from.




Lifestyle Solar Systems
Unit 4, Neads Court Knowles Road, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 7XS | 01275 350 085

lifestyle solarWith free quotations on solar thermal and solar PV, MCS accreditation, NICEIC accreditation, Green Deal Approval, and RECC and NAPIT membership, Lifestyle Solar Systems has a lot to offer to Clevedon residents. The solar panel installers do both commercial and domestic installations and have done dozens of small solar arrays in the area, with happy customers and quality work. Lifestyle Solar Systems also offers a variety of other types of renewable energy including Solar thermal for hot water, heat pumps and biomass heating, and LED lighting for reducing your energy bill.




Forgen Renewables
Unit 34, Hither Green Industrial Estate, Clevedon, BS21 6XU | 01275 400570

No imageAs an international company specializing in wind turbines and off-grid renewables including solar power and generators, Forgen Renewables is one of the best solar panel suppliers in Clevedon. The company offers a range of solar PV panels including rigid, foldable, and flexible models for very competitive pricing. They also offer battery systems, charge controllers, and solar powered lights for off-the-grid systems. However, they do not offer domestic installations, so you will have to find a contractor to do the work separately.

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