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The top Chippenham Solar Panel Installers


Chippenham is in one of the most eco-friendly counties in the UK, as Wiltshire is home to over 40 existing or planned solar farms, capable of collectively producing half of the county’s energy usage. With solar initiatives from both local Chippenham Borough city council members as well as the Wiltshire City Council, there are numerous public building solar installations, including two of the largest public installations in the county at The History Centre, and Monkton Park. With a number of school initiatives designed to ensure that school install solar panels as well, Chippenham already produces a great deal of its own energy. With local public buildings and solar farms profiting from PV power, more and more domestic and commercial installations are in planning. Installing your own solar panels means choosing the right local Chippenham solar panel installer, and the following should help you with making the decision.

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Installation Recommendations

Installation recommendations are an important thing to consider when choosing any solar panel installation company, primarily because they affect your Feed in Tariff rate and the output of your solar panels. Installing panels properly, optimizing the home to ensure that solar panels get maximum exposure to the sun, and making modifications to the home to ensure that you get the highest Feed in Tariff rate can add a huge percentage to generated PV power and revenue. This is especially important considering that Chippenham does get a lot of rainfall and cloud cover, so placement is extremely important for ensuring maximum efficiency. However, with an average of just under 1,400 hours of sunlight per year, Chippenham solar arrays have plenty of opportunities to collect power.




The Best Chippenham Solar Panel Installers

Choosing the best Chippenham solar panel installers for your needs involves a lot of considerations, but you can start with some of the best options in the city. You should consider your budget, the brand of solar panels you prefer, when you need panels installed by, location, and, of course, the installer’s reputation, accreditation, and experience. Because all of these factors can affect how much you pay, and the quality of the installation, you should spend more time choosing the right installer. The following include some of Chippenham’s best solar panel installers.




5 Bell Square, Marshfield, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 8HS | 0845 862 4004

genelexWith more than 5 years in the business of renewable energy, Genelex stands out as one of the best Chippenham solar panel installers. The company is MCS approved, and works with commercial and domestic clients in the region to install solar PV and solar thermal. Genelex backs their installations with an insured warranty, and offers help with FIT registration. A price guarantee means that you won’t find a cheaper installer, which is good if you are on a budget. Genelex offers a number of brands including SunPower, Panasonic, SMA, SHARP, and Segen.




Enfinity UK Limited
Hartham Park, Hartham Ln, Corsham, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN13 0RP  | 01249 700 490

efinityEnfinity works through partners in the Chippenham area to offer full service, MCS approved solar panels for every type of business and installation, and has worked on everything from small housing projects to large solar farms. With solar PV and solar thermal, as well as a wide list of available brands, Enfinity has a lot to offer for commercial and domestic clients alike. Their 10-year warranty on all panels and inverters is much longer than the industry standard, they also offer a service warranty and manufacturer guarantee on all of their products.




Cowley Electrical
Brinkworth, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 5DZ | 01666 510976 | 0808 155 4692

cowley-electricalWith a split service offering including electricians and solar panel installers, Cowley Electrical is equipped to handle most types of solar installations, including home rewiring. The company is MCS approved, a member of RECC, and Green Deal approved, with experience installing domestic and small commercial arrays around the Chippenham area. Cowley also offers technologies like Immersun monitors to help you use electric for hot water heaters and washing machines, rather than exporting all of it to the grid. With over 20 years of experience, and over 6 in renewable energy, Cowley has a reputation for service, quality, and professionalism.


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