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The Top Cheltenham Solar Panel Installers


Cheltenham is listed as one of the best places to live in the UK, having been named the best place in the UK to raise a family by the Daily Telegraph, and listed by multiple other websites and publications as having valuable, beautiful property. And, with one quick look at Cheltenham’s sunny skies, maritime climate, and beautiful greenery, it’s not hard to see why.

Cheltenham is also one of the most active areas in the region for solar installations, making the city a leader in renewable energy. With community efforts like Cheltenham Green Doors, Bright Green Futures, and multiple local guidance programs aimed at helping communities secure funds for solar projects, the area is extremely focused on building renewables.

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How the Weather in Cheltenham Affects Solar Panels


Cheltenham’s weather is suitable for solar installations, and is in one of the better locations in the UK for collecting PV power. With an average of nearly 1,500 hours of direct sunlight per day, fewer hours of rain than many other parts of the country, and mild winters, allowing for better solar panel performance, your solar panels can generate some power year round. While more effective in summer months from May to the end of September, Cheltenham’s relatively mild, sunny winters are ideal for solar, so even small panel arrays will likely pay off within 6-8 years.




Cheltenham’s Solar Programs and Installations

Cheltenham is home to multiple solar installations, as well as a widespread domestic usage of solar. The Cheltenham Green Doors program allows you to visit homes with solar installed to see how it works and how they are saving money. Other programs, like Bright Green Futures exist to ensure that new homes and developments built in Cheltenham are as green as possible. While you do need a permit and building inspection before you can install solar panels, Cheltenham is also very supportive of domestic installers, as well as small businesses who want to add renewables.

Walmore Hill Primary SchoolWalmore Hill Primary School installed solar panels with their 2011 roof repairs, and are now generating power and was the first of now many schools in the area to install solar panels on the roof. While the installation is small, it has since encouraged other schools in the area to add their own panels.

British Eco Project – The City of Cheltenham teamed up with British Eco to fund and plan the installation of solar panels across all of Cheltenham’s public sector buildings. While a long-term project, it is estimated to save the city some £175,000 or more per year for 20 years after installation.




The Top 7 Cheltenham Solar Panel Installers

Choosing the best Cheltenham solar panel installer is important if you want your solar PV system to last. The following installers including some of the best local, certified options.




Rapid Electrics
35 The Withers, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham, GL52 8WE | 0845 3700 414


rapid electricsRapid Electrics specializes in electrical wire, heating, and solar panel installation for residential buildings. With MCS certification, NICEIC approval, and REAL/Trust Mark Scheme memberships, Rapid Electrics is a quality solar panel installer providing certified panels and installations. The company offers full home surveys, and creates bespoke solar arrays based on the size of the roof, your budget, and the roof’s shape. Rapid Electrics is also a professional electric wiring company, and can handle any re-wiring or internal wiring required by your solar installation.




Bence Eco
43 Fairview Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 2EJ | 01242 285 194


bence ecoBence Eco works with local, accredited contractors to provide full-service installation and construction work required for their solar panels. The solar panel installers contract out locally, or use their own employees, and work the same way with solar panel manufacturers, allowing them to find the best rates and products available, which makes the company very competitive. MCS certification, and a full manufacturer’s warranty on panels means that you get the same guarantees as with a traditional installer. The company is also a Green Deal approved contractor.




Forever Green Renewables LTD
Middle Stanley Renewable Centre, Stanley Pontlarge, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5HE | 01242 370 308


forever green renewables ltdForever Green Renewables specializes in offering a variety of renewable energy solutions for home use, including domestic solar installations. The company prides itself on working with you to choose the best solution for your needs, and for that reason, stands out for customer service. The Cheltenham solar panel installers are MCS certified, and hire skilled technicians including electricians to ensure the quality of their installations, which they back with an insured guarantee. Forever Green Renewables also offers a full energy performance report before they make any solar panel suggestions.




Quercus House, Orchard Industrial Estate, Toddington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5EB | 01242 620 894 | 0800 294 9246


mypowerWith solar installations on farms across the region, including in and around Cheltenham, MyPower has a history of successful and profitable solar installations. While the Cheltenham solar installers primarily focus on farm and agricultural solar arrays, this makes them ideal for farmers, field owners, and businesses who need large flat roof and ground mount solar arrays. MyPower is MCS, NAPIT, and REAL approved, and one of 3 preferred Mole Valley Farmer installers. They offer full manufacturer warranties on all of their modules, and install any MCS brand, but recommend REC.




Cowley Electrical
Brinkworth, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 5DZ | 01666 510 976 | 0808 155 4692


cowley electricalA combination of electrical and solar panel installation services ensure that Cowley Electrical offers quality wiring and electrical installation with their panels. The company is MCS certified, a RECC member, Green Deal approved, and a member of the Electrical Safety Register. The Cheltenham solar panel installers offer a variety of solar PV modules, as well as solar power control modules for saving energy. Cowley offers domestic, commercial, and agricultural installations, including green field ground mounts, with a 6 year guarantee.




Ramtech Energy Services LTD
Unit 17, Coln Park, Andoversford, Cheltenham, GL54 4HJ | 01242 235 002 | 01242 227 039


ramtech energy services ltdRamtech Energy Services offers both solar PV and solar thermal installation to residences and small businesses in and around the Cheltenham area. The solar panel installers are RECC and MCS certified, so installations qualify for the Feed-in-Tariff, and offer manufacturer and labor warranties on solar PV and solar thermal installations. While small, the company is part of the larger Ramtech Combustion Services, and the company has a good reputation and quality installations. They also offer free quotes on installations.




Shackleton & Wintle LTD.
3 Station Mews, Old Station Drive, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 0DL | 01242 222 641


shackleton wintle ltdWith both free and paid solar panel installation options, Shackleton & Wintle LTD. Offers solar panels whether you have the money to invest, or just want to help the environment. The Cheltenham solar panel installers primarily focus on domestic installations, and offer a variety of top solar panel brands including Sanyo, Hyundai, and Canadian Solar, allowing you to choose the brand that fits your budget. MCS and REAL approval, as well as multiple other accreditations guarantee both quality and warranty, so you don’t have to worry.


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