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The Top Bridgwater Solar Panel Installers


Bridgewater’s sunny climate and temperate weather makes it a good fit for solar installations, and with an average of just under 1,600 hours of sunshine per year, the large rainfall does not affect solar PV output a great deal. Local Bridgewater and Somerset solar efforts are tribute to this, as there are multiple profitable solar farms in the area, as well as a variety of community and public solar installations. With a variety of Bridgwater solar panel installers to choose from, including local companies, and those in nearby Taunton and Wells, you can have commercial or domestic solar panels installed everywhere.

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Community Solar Efforts in Bridgewater


Bridgwater is home to a number of solar installations, including new developments that are set to produce a great deal of power for the city. With multiple local city council, county city council, and public installations, it’s also easy to see solar generation in action around the area.

JA SolarJA Solar, a Chinese solar panel manufacturer, supplied 7.8Mw of new design solar panels to British Solar Renewables to install near Bridgewater for a new solar farm. The initiative is just one of several local investments, and is the first of many from the company.

ET SolarET Solar’s 8.4Mw ground mounted solar farm near Bridgwater. The installation is their first foray into the UK market, and the first of several planned installations.

City Council Projects – Local city council solar installations, including those installed by the Somerset County City Council, have generated a great deal of electricity for the area. The city council is putting savings back into offering grants for carbon reduction schemes and solar installations around the area.




Choosing the Best Bridgewater Solar Panel Installers

The solar panel installers you choose can affect not only how much PV power your panels generate, but also whether or not you qualify for the Feed in Tariff and your EPC rating. Because a good Bridgewater solar panel installer will ensure that your panels are installed for maximum solar exposure, and that any modifications to your home or rooftop are done to ensure you get the best EPC rating possible, you want to ensure that you get the best. Compare quotes for top solar installers in Bridgewater here. 


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