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Bournemouth Solar Panel Installers

Bournemouth solar panel installersBournemouth is actively going green, pursuing national goals of an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and solar is a large part of those initiatives, and there are many quality Bournemouth solar panel installers to choose from.

While many Bournemouth solar projects are small scale, the city is actively encouraging solar installations and eco-friendly homes, and is installing solar panels on public, domestic, and commercial buildings to help meet the cities demand for renewable energy.

The Bournemouth, Dorset, and Poole Renewable Energy Strategy to 2020 outlines a plan to support the development of local community solar installations, support homeowners installing solar panels, and ensure that PV power can be fed into the grid with minimal problems. The plan also supports Bournemouth’s solar panel companies, to ensure that locals have access to affordable panels to install.

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Combined with optimal levels of sunlight, plenty of south facing rooftops, and a local city policy that ensures that domestic solar installers have as little trouble as possible securing permits for installations, and Bournemouth is an excellent place to consider either commercial or domestic PV power.


Are Bournemouth Solar Panel Installations Worth the Investment?


Bournemouth is located in a very good area to install solar panels, with an average of 1400-1600 hours of direct sunlight per year. Because you only need a minimum of 2 hours of sunlight per day for a good EPC rating, the area is an excellent one for installing panels.

While you do have to ensure that your specific rooftop gets enough sun exposure, Bournemouth averages 6 hours of sunlight in January, which is the month with the least sunshine. June and July more than double that average, allowing you to get maximum sun exposure for your panels. Of course, it does rain, and rain a lot, but sunlight averages out a great deal, so most domestic and small scale installations pay off within 8 years.



What Solar Initiatives Does Bournemouth Have So Far?


Bournemouth is home to a number of solar panel installations, and while none of them are particularly large or notable, they are providing power for the city.

Draper Road Developments – The Draper Road Developments was one of the first of a number of solar and sustainability projects designed to get homeowners off of the waiting list and into and eco-friendly home. The Draper Road homes supply most of their own energy with solar PV and solar thermal to heat water, to reduce bills and carbon footprint. The Bournemouth City Council projects includes 50 similar homes near Duck Lane.

Public PV Installations – Bournemouth is actively installing solar panels on public buildings including the Town hall, schools, and other buildings, to directly benefit the community by using power to reduce public energy consumption, and therefore local taxes.



Where to Find the Best Bournemouth Solar Panel Installers

Choosing the right Bournemouth solar panel installer can be difficult, especially with over 70 local options. This list of top solar panel installation companies in Bournemouth narrows that list down to some of the best.


Save Energy Group LTD
Unit 35, Wessex Trade Centre, Ringwood Road, Poole , Dorset, BH12 3PG | 01202 721188


Save Energy Group LtdSave Energy installs solar panels in Bournemouth and a wide range of other counties and cities, with both domestic and commercial arrays available. The company stands out with a 20-year guarantee on installations, as well as more than 6 available solar panel brands. For commercial arrays, Save Energy specialises in thin film panels, and is the country’s largest installer of the technology, with over 3,000 installations across the UK. With a variety of benefits including MCS certification, high customer rating, and a customer referral scheme, Save Energy has plenty to offer, no matter the size of the array you need.

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27 Tarrant Close, Poole, Dorset, BH17 9DN | 01202 699168 | 07976 276531


brabingers solarBrabingers is an MCS accredited Bournemouth solar panel installer and NICEIC approved contractor and installer offering a variety of solar panels, solar thermal, and electrical services. With a full survey, energy rating survey, and a custom fitting, Brabingers is ideal if you need surveys and help with the entire process. Brabingers also offers a variety of different brands, and accessories including inverters and system monitoring. While a relatively small solar installer, Brabingers offers quality service and installations to much of the Dorset area.

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Green Team Energy Limited
Keel House, 244 High Street North, Poole, Dorset , BH15 1EA | 07407542907 | 08000159858


Green team energyA fully customized approach and hands-on installation make Green Team Energy stand out from other local Bournemouth solar panel installers, because they offer solar arrays based on your rooftop, space, and needs. With a variety of panels ranging from budget to high-end, they also offer a lot of options, with domestic, commercial, and agricultural arrays. An MCS accreditation ensures that you qualify for the Feed-in-Tariff, while RECC membership ensures quality installations. The company is based in Poole, but services the Dorset area, and has a good reputation with their customers.

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Total Sun Energy Limited
ISIS Business Centre, 1 Sovereign Way Way, Poole, Dorset, BH15 3TB | 01202 389 141


Total Sun Energy LimitedTotal Sun Energy specializes in budget solar panel installations in the Bournemouth area, with free services including surveys, equipment quotes, and financial breakdowns. With 7 qualifications including MCS accreditation, the company is highly qualified to install panels, and offers residential, commercial, and community installations. A variety of products including off-the-grid systems, on-the-grid solar arrays, solar thermal, and solar controllers allows you to get everything you need for your installation from one company. Total Sun Energy also offers solar panels with 20 and 30 year warranties depending on the brand.

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Atlas House, Iceni Court, Delft Way, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6BB | 08000 113 800


Absolute Renewable Energy (UK) LtdWith 9 years of experience, over 6,000 domestic installations, and a service area that includes England, Scotland, and Wales, Absolute is a leading solar panel installer in the UK. Specialising in solar PV, the company has expert installers around the UK, and offers suitability tests, as well as a 10-year product and workmanship guarantee on all installations. Absolute have an MCS accreditation and are members of RECC, and offers a free EPC survey with the installation. The company specializes in residential solar panel installations, including roof and ground mounted systems, and battery backups for power storage or off the grid systems.

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Quality 1st Solar Energy LTD
Units 3-4 17, Bessemer Close, Ebblake Industrial Estate, Therwood, BH31 6AZ | 0800 328 1061


Quality 1st Solar Energy LTDWith sister companies including roofing contractors and builders, Quality 1st Solar Energy LTD has expertise in roofing in addition to solar installations, allowing them to safely install panels, reinforce roofs, and make building additions. A free, no-obligation survey before the installation allows you to see if your roof is suitable for panels. The Bournemouth solar installation company is MCS NAPIT, and REA accredited, and offer both solar PV and solar thermal panels. While small, Quality 1st offers a workmanship warranty and manufacturer’s warranty on all installations.

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Batchelor Electrical Limited
15 Albany Business Park, Cabot Lane, Poole, Dorset, BH17 7BX | 01202 266200


Batchelor Electrical LimitedBatchelor Electrical Limited began installing solar panels in 2004, and now have over 10 years of experience in the solar field. With residential, commercial, and industrial installations available, the company offers solar arrays. All of their products come with a 25-30 year performance guarantee, and a 5-10 year guarantee on all panels and inverters. Batchelor is internationally certified, and is MCS and RECC accredited. The company mostly specializes in solar arrays of 10 kW and smaller, but is able to handle larger installations on request.

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3 Glenmore Business Park, Blackhill Road, Holton Heath, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6NL | 01202 918486


H2ecO LtdH2ecO is a RECC and MCS accredited Bournemouth solar installation company servicing the Dorset area. With offerings ranging from small scale residential installations to 250 kW and higher industrial installations, H2-ecO has offerings for everyone. The solar company uses brands including SunEdison, REC, JA Solar, and similar, and uses tier 1 quality products for mounts and inverters as well. H2-ecO also offers full quotations and surveys in advance, and a 10-25 year guarantee on all products as well as a 10-year workmanship warranty.

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