How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in The UK? [InfoGraphic]

This infographic was created by Ollie Smith using ExpertSure’s solar panel cost data. It answers the most burning question on the mind of anyone looking to install solar panels, with accurate cost data from a survey of UK suppliers, and calculations on how much Co2 you can save by taking the plunge.   Please share this graphic on your website!  Released under the SS by SA creative commons.   In January, 2017, most UK homeowners saw a 10% hike in energy…

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The World’s Largest Solar Plants

Harvesting solar energy is a really big deal! Every year the earth absorbs so much solar energy that if we captured it all, we could power America 40,000 times over again. That’s a lot of energy, and countries are starting to warm up to the potential of this fantastic renewable resource. Of course it helps that in the past five years the price of solar power has dropped by 75% percent. This price drop has given lots of countries the…

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The Cost and Benefits Of Solar Panels

Understanding the Cost and Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels As the cost of utilities continues to rise, many homeowners are looking into making their residences fully dependent on solar power. As such, understanding the costs, benefits, and potential financial returns of moving to solar panel-power is extremely helpful and informative. In the United States the average household consumes approximately 4,600 kWh of electricity per year. This page covers some US prices, go here for the main UK solar panel costs info. However, continuously-running…

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