How to Use More of Your Solar Energy to Save More Money

  Utility bills are constantly on the rise, and even if you have a solar installation, you likely feed a great deal of the power back into the grid. In fact, the average home with a 4 kW solar system feeds some 1,500-1,600 kWh to the grid. While that’s reasonable, and even a good deal, especially if you’re not using it anyway, you’re typically getting less for power you feed into the grid than you pay for it. While export tariffs are…

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Top 7 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bills

  1. Slash your energy bills by 6% by switching to direct debit.   If you can, switch over your energy bills to direct debit and save 6% a year. Not only that but you’ll save your self the hassle of remembering when to pay it. Direct debit saving per year: £80 Total savings so far: £80   2. Standby mode is costing you £70 per year   How many DVD players, TV’s, computers, laptops, sound systems, games boxes etc…

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