Solar Could be the First Subsidy Free Renewable – Here’s How

The Energy and Climate Change have made cuts to the renewable energy subsidy, which will be ending a year early, which has many people discussing whether renewables like solar are too expensive, or not reliable enough to compete with fuel or biomass power. While energy company Drax, who provide some 7-8% of the UK’s power express clear disapproval of solar while promoting their own biomass, solar has its own benefits in terms of a low carbon footprint and increasingly lower prices…

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Technical Problems and Limitations with Nuclear Fusion

  Anybody who has looked at Einsteins famous equation will realize energy lies at the heart of all matter, and in tremendous quantities. However, releasing it in useful, sustainable and safe manors has proved to be one of the biggest scientific challenges since WW2.   Fusion on earth has been proven after the first hydrogen bomb was detonated and achieved ignition (self sustaining, or net positive energy), and 2 main projects are in various phases of development to harness this…

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Why The UK’s Solar Subsidy Cuts Won’t Save You Money

The Department of Energy and Climate Change may have stated that the cut to subsidies on small scale renewable energy is meant to save you money, but in fact, it could be doing the opposite. While the bill looks nice in reducing the burden on taxpayers, it harms the economy in other ways, especially for small companies and homeowners looking to go green with rooftop solar and other renewable energy investments. While Jim Watson, director of the UK Energy Research Center…

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Could Solar Energy Compete With Gas Power by 2020?

  [Could solar power really compete with gas by the year 2020?]   Green energy has been a steadily growing trend around the world, but while much of Europe has been slowly integrating solar panels and other green energy sources, the UK has been going green at a record pace. With more than two times the number of solar panels installed in the UK in 2014 as in any other country in the EU, we are well on our way…

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Top 7 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bills

  1. Slash your energy bills by 6% by switching to direct debit.   If you can, switch over your energy bills to direct debit and save 6% a year. Not only that but you’ll save your self the hassle of remembering when to pay it. Direct debit saving per year: £80 Total savings so far: £80   2. Standby mode is costing you £70 per year   How many DVD players, TV’s, computers, laptops, sound systems, games boxes etc…

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Africa vs America [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Add the above infographic to your site free. [box] <p><img src=”” width=”800″ height=”4639″  alt=”Africa vs America [INFOGRAPHIC]”/></p><p>Infographic by <a href=””>SolarCompared</a></p> [/box]   More reading: Are solar panels worth it in 2015? Calculate the earnings from your solar panels

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Solar Uprising Game – Play & Share

Flash game design by Add this game to your site free! [box size=medium]<iframe src=”” width=”550″ height=”400″></iframe><div>Flash game design by <a href=””>SolarCompared™</a></div> [/box] Synopsis: Make your way though 5 challenging levels to complete this addictive platform game. The lush graphics, left-field sound track, and tricky levels will keep you coming back for more. See if you can collect all the suns and take out all the evil bankers. System requirements are: Broadband connection, flash 10 or higher. Problem solving: Should…

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