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Top Tips For Getting The Best Aluminium Window Prices

Add style with aluminum framesIf you’re planning to install double or triple glazing, aluminum windows are one of your top choices. Aluminium frames offer a long lifespan and lower costs than wood or timber windows, with a contemporary style that fits easily into many modern homes.

However, if you are installing new windows, you want to know that you are getting the best for your money, and you need to know that your windows are cost effective, energy efficient enough to meet your needs, and durable enough to last. We’ve put together a complete guide to aluminium windows in the UK to help you make the right decisions for your home.

  • Aluminium windows can last more than 25 years with minimal care
  • While less energy efficient than wood or uPVC, Aluminium windows perform better than old frames
  • New technologies like insulated frames improve energy efficiency
  • Aluminium windows cost an average of £550 per window.

Aluminium windows have pros and cons, and it’s important that you understand what they offer and if they meet your needs. Your most pressing question is probably, how much do aluminium windows cost.


Cost of Aluminium Windows


Aluminum windows are the second most expensive glazing frame available, with the first being wood or timber. Aluminium frames are more expensive to manufacture, but provide strength and durability, which is often worth the premium price. In most cases, you will pay a median of £550 per window, or an average cost of £500-605 for a standard 60 x 80 cm casement window. This cost will increase exponentially if you choose more complex frames.

You can expect the following average costs for aluminium windows.

Casement Sash Tilt & Turn
60 x 90 £500-605 £1000-2010 £800-1,350
90 x 120 £655-735 £1,300-£2432 £1048-£1633
120 x 120 £770 – 875 £1521-£2,942 £1226-£1978


In most cases, double glazing costs are divided into four categories:

  • Frame – Frames are typically the most expensive part of new windows because they must be cut to fit an existing opening, fitted well, and sealed to prevent air leakage.
  • Glass – The actual glazing will vary in cost depending on whether you choose a standard glass, Low E or other coating,
  • Fitting – Actual fitting costs, which are determined by your home.
  • Energy Efficiency – The total combination of energy saving measures applied to the window. The more energy efficient the window, the more it will cost.

Aluminium Frames vs Other Frames


Aluminium frames cost more than other materials such as composite or uPVC, but less than wood and other similar frames.

Material   60 x 90   90 x 120   120 x 120  
UPVC   £250-570 £460-625 £625-895
Aluminium   £500-605 £655-735 £770 – 875
Wood   £845 – £910 £1,245 – 1,300 £1,365 -1,405
Composite   £575-625 £600-650 £675-725


Aluminum windows do cost considerably more at about 50-70% more than uPVC, but they are a popular architects choice for replacing traditional windows, creating a modern look, and replacing old windows with long-lasting frames.

Now that you know how much aluminium frames are likely to cost, you’re probably concerned about energy efficiency.


Energy Efficiency


Most of us buy replacement windows to improve energy efficiency to cut costs on heating and cooling. Unfortunately, aluminium windows are not the most energy efficient option you can choose. Aluminium is a heat conductive material.

However, many modern aluminium windows feature thermal breaks, insulation, and multi-compartment frames, which prevent heat from escaping. While not all aluminium windows will offer these features, you can check the energy efficiency of your windows by checking the WER rating.

WER Rating – The WER Rating or Window Energy Rating is the listed A++ to E rating found on many windows. British law mandates that you cannot install windows with a WER rating of less than C. Most aluminium windows feature a rating of C to A.

U-Value – U value measures heat transference or insulating properties. The lower the U-Value, the more efficient the window.


Pros and Cons of Aluminium Windows


Aluminium windows offer a lot of pros and cons, and you should consider them when choosing replacement windows for your home.


  • Aluminium doors and windows are very light and durable
  • Strong and suitable for large windows
  • Require minimal care
  • Available in dozens of colours and styles
  • Average lifespan of 30+ years
  • Very secure and compatible with 3-point locking systems


  • More expensive than some other options
  • Not available in every style
  • Less energy efficient than cheaper uPVC frames
  • Don’t add the same value as wood frames

In most cases, the only real cons of aluminium windows are that they cost more than uPVC and don’t offer the same thermal resistance without thermal breaks. However, most manufacturers now include thermal breaks as a standard practice.


Styles and Colours


Aluminium frames offer a significant advantage over styles like wood and uPVC in that they are easy to powder coat and finish. As a result, many manufacturers offer anywhere from 20 to several hundred different frame colours for you to choose, including natural wood and whitewash styles. This allows you to design your house based on hundreds of colour options.

In most cases, you can also purchase aluminium frames in casement, sash, tilt & turn, French, and sometimes other styles.


Who Offers Aluminium Windows?


While aluminium windows are a popular choice, they are less common than wood, uPVC, or composite. This means that you may have fewer choices when you go to choose an installer. In fact, of the top 5 double glazing installers in the UK, only two offer aluminium windows.

Installer Zenith Everest Anglian Safestyle Weatherseal
Aluminium Frames NO YES YES NO NO
Frames 5 4 5 3 3

In short, while you can find aluminium frames, they are less common than other options, and you may have difficulty finding a specific installer. However, Anglian and Everest, two of the best double glazing installers in the UK offer aluminium window, as do many quality local installers.


Getting a Good Deal on Aluminium Windows


Earning your money back on aluminium windows is more difficult because the frames cost more than uPVC, but if you take the time to do your research, compare options, and choose a cost-effective solution, aluminium windows can pay themselves off.

  • Shop around and compare your options
  • Go into a sales meeting prepared, and know what you should be paying. If quotes are more, don’t pay.
  • Avoid pressure sales tactics. Anyone offering a same-day deal is trying to get you to pay more.
  • Choose windows for quality and durability, and look for a minimum 10-year warranty.
  • Choose a quality installer who can ensure a quality installation with a guarantee and customer service

Getting a great deal on aluminium windows will help you to get the best windows for your home, while ensuring that they can pay themselves off.

If you’re ready to start looking at quotes for aluminium windows for your home, consider our free comparison tool. We can help you to find and compare quotes from the top installers in your area to save you money. How does it work? When you send us your information, we request competitive quotes from 5 star rated installers, and send you back the best 3, to reduce costs as much as 37.5%.


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