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Beginner’s Guide to Biomass Boilers: Compare & Save

Beginner’s Guide to Biomass Boilers


Are you interested in biomass boilers, but you aren’t sure where to start?

You’re in luck.

Deciding which biomass boiler is the right fit for you, especially with all the confusing information out there, can be tough for both beginners and if you’re experienced with purchasing boilers.

In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about biomass boilers for beginners, including what they are, where you can find them and pricing.

What’s in this guide?

What is a biomass boiler?

A biomass boiler uses renewable and sustainable energy to power your home, such as wood chips and pellets that might be reclaimed or recycled.

This means that they are usually more eco-friendly than gas or oil alternatives, and they tend to be more efficient than other boilers as well.

Although biomass boilers tend to be more expensive, they cost considerably less to run and could help you save on your annual bills.

What are the benefits of biomass boilers?

So, what are the many benefits of choosing a biomass boiler for your home?

Let’s go!

✔ Highly efficient

✔ Carbon neutral

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Low running costs

✔ RHI payments might be available

✔ Reduce emissions by up to 96%

✔ There are many designs on offer

What types of biomass fuel for boilers are there?

There are many viable options available for your biomass fuel, with many specific differences such as the price of your fuel and their advantages.

Wood logs

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Burns slowly

✔ Easy to access

✔ Quick purchasing options

✗ Needs to be fed into the boiler

✗ Less automation

✗ Wood needs to be seasoned and dry

Wood chips

✔ Releases less CO2

✔ Takes up less space than logs

✔ Can be automated

✔ Inexpensive fuel

✗ Takes up more space than pellets

✗ They aren’t as efficient as pellets

Wood pellets

✔ High energy content

✔ Takes up less space than chips

✔ Can be automated

✔ Boilers are compact

✗ Releases more CO2 than other options

What is the best biomass boiler?

The best biomass boiler and supplier for you and your home might depend on many different factors, so you should consider these following points.

  • Your budget
  • The space available
  • Your heating needs
  • Space for fuel storage
  • How energy efficient you want your boiler to be
  • If you wish to be able to benefit from a warranty or free delivery and support from your supplier

Because there are so many factors that go into deciding which boiler is the best fit for you and your home, you should always compare your available options.

Fill out the quick and handy form at the top of the page to find out more.

Or, you can look at the ExpertSure guides to find out more about your boiler options and their many benefits.

Are biomass boilers environmentally friendly?

There are a few ways that biomass boilers are more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as gas boilers and oil boilers, so let’s take a look at a few ways biomass boilers can help you become more eco-friendly.

Firstly, the fuel which is used to create biomass energy is actually carbon neutral, as the carbon dioxide that it produces is equal to the amount absorbed by the fuel to grow.

This means that to make sure that your biomass boiler is as eco-friendly as possible, you should try and acquire your fuel locally, so you have less of a carbon footprint.

The ash that is produced by burning your biomass fuel can be typically used in compost, which means that you won’t be producing any waste.

Another way that biomass boilers are environmentally friendly in regards to the fuel is that for every plant that is harvested to use as fuel, you can plant several trees or plants in its place, so it is entirely sustainable.

You can also choose to purchase a biomass boiler which is made out of recyclable materials such as steel, to make sure that it can be reused after its lifecycle.

What are the RHI payments?

RHI stands for renewable heat incentive, and it is a government scheme to encourage homeowners to utilise renewable energy for their heating and hot water needs.

You will receive payments quarterly for seven years, and the amount will be specified based on different factors such as technology, tariffs and metering.

Check out the calculator here which can help you to work out how much you could earn.

Some of the technology that is eligible for RHI payments include the following:

  • Biomass boilers
  • Pellet stoves with back boilers
  • Ground to water heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Air to water heat pumps

You can apply for RHI payments as long as you have one of the above renewable technologies, and you are either a homeowner, self-builder, landlord or a provider of social housing.

Where can I find biomass boilers?

Finding a biomass boiler can be difficult, especially one that matches the needs of you, your home or even your business.

Here are a few examples of where you can find biomass boilers.

  • Piping Hot Stoves
  • Modern Stoves
  • Stoves are Us
  • Woodman Store
  • Stove World UK

If you are unsure where to start, you can also compare your options by filling out the quick form at the top of the page or scroll down to see a top 10 list of biomass boilers in the UK right now.

How much do biomass boilers cost?

Typically, biomass boilers can cost anywhere from £400 to over £7,000, depending on the size of the boiler, the power output and what the boiler is best suited for.

Top 10 Biomass Boilers

1. La Nordica Italy Termo Built-In DSA Boiler Cooker

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 18kW

Efficiency percentage: 83%

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Pricing: £3,708

From Piping Hot Stoves, this product is a cooker which is combined with a biomass boiler, providing two functionalities in one and a compact size which can fit in with your existing furniture.

This boiler cooker will give you 18kW of heat, which can help heat a one or two bedroom flat or house.

Some of the benefits of choosing this boiler cooker are that it is eco-friendly as it can use sustainable sources of fuel, and it has a sleek and modern design which could suit many different interiors.

✔ Sustainable fuel

✔ Adjustable air

✔ Cooker and boiler

✔ Economical

✔ Stainless steel front

✔ Modern design

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2. Linar Annarita 698 Pellet Heater

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 29kW

Efficiency percentage: 95%

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Pricing: £4,999.20

The Linar Annarita 698 Pellet Heater from Piping Hot Stoves has a high 29kW output which is suitable for a two or three bedroom home with one bathroom and features a high-efficiency percentage of 95%.

It could also be used for industrial purposes, which makes it a flexible choice for both home and business owners.

This pellet stove qualifies for RHI payments, it comes in a variety of colour choices, and you can control it with remote control.

✔ High efficiency

✔ RHI payments

✔ Range of colours

✔ Remote control

✔ Five power settings

✔ Timed thermostat

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3. Extraflame HP30 Pellet Boiler

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 30kW

Efficiency percentage: 91.5%

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Pricing: £5,232

This pellet boiler from Piping Hot Stoves will give you a 30kW power output, which would be suitable to heat a three or four bedroom home with one bathroom with sustainable fuels such as wood pellets.

Some of the main benefits of choosing this boiler are that it includes automatic ignition, fuel storage, an air cooling system and a 7-day programmer.

Pellet boilers such as the Extraflame HP30 allow you to utilise green energy, with low running costs and a user-friendly interface.

✔ High efficiency

✔ 30kW power output

✔ 7-day programmer

✔ Thermally efficient

✔ Self-cleaning device

✔ Automatic ignition

✔ Qualifies for RHI

✔ Automatic loading

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4. Moretti Poseidon 3 Pellet Boiler

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 34kW

Efficiency percentage: 90%

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Pricing: £6,083

The Moretti Poseidon 3 Pellet Boiler features a high 34kW power output, with a high-efficiency rating of 90% and many attractive modern features such as internal fuel storage and automatic feeding.

This type of boiler might be suitable for a three or four bedroom house with up to two bathrooms, which can be controlled remotely and has a compact size to fit in most locations.

You can also purchase a hot water circuit to turn your pellet boiler into a combination boiler.

✔ 90% efficiency

✔ 34kW power output

✔ Low emissions

✔ Controlled remotely

✔ Compact design

✔ Timer and thermostat

✔ Integrates with existing systems

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5. Moretti CS55 Pellet Boiler 67kW

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 67kW

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Pricing: £7,224

Another offer from Piping Hot Stoves is this Moretti CS55 Pellet Boiler, which could give you a massive 67kW of power for your home or commercial property.

This type of boiler would be best suited for either substantial homes with over five bedrooms and several bathrooms, or it could even be suitable for a warehouse as well.

There are many attractive features to choosing this boiler, such as lower operating costs, high performance, and provides you with an environmentally friendly unit.

✔ 67kW power output

✔ Reduces costs by 78%

✔ Sustainable fuel

✔ High-performance unit

✔ For domestic and commercial use

✔ Low operating costs

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6. La Nordica Diadema ACS Idro Pellet Stove

Stoves Are Us

Type: Wood

Power output: 32kW

Efficiency percentage: 90.5%

Supplier: Stoves are Us

Pricing: £5,099

From Stoves are Us, this La Nordica Diadema Idro Pellet Stove comes with many benefits such as high energy efficiency, low costs, convenience and renewable energy, to transform your home into an eco-friendly environment.

This boiler will provide you with 32kW of power, which would be best suited for a three bedroom home with one or two bathrooms.

Stoves are Us give this pellet stove an A+ energy rating and have a warranty of two years for the body of the stove.

✔ High-efficiency percentage

✔ 32kW power output

✔ Sustainable fuels

✔ Made from steel

✔ Self-cleaning grate

✔ Sleek modern design

✔ Environmentally friendly

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7. Condor BO 12kW Multi-Fuel Cooker Oven with Back Boiler

Modern Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 12kW

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Pricing: £999

This low-cost option from Modern Stoves will give you 12kW of power, which is best suited to a one bedroom flat, with lower heating needs and suited to unvented and vented hot water systems.

These types of boilers are handcrafted and finished in a variety of colours and high-quality materials.

You can also use this appliance for cooking as well, making it a multi-functional product which can also fit within many different interiors.

✔ Low cost

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Variety of colours

✔ High-quality materials

✔ Cooker and boiler

✔ 2-year warranty

✔ 12kW power output

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8. Lotus Back Boiler 22kW Wood Burning Multi-Fuel Stove

Modern Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 22kW

Efficiency percentage: 71%

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Pricing: £579

The Lotus Back Boiler gives you 22kW of power, which is suitable for a two or three bedroom home with one bathroom, who can benefit from an environmentally friendly heat source.

Some of the best features of this boiler are that you can benefit from high power output, a 19-litre capacity, a stylish design and it comes at a very affordable price.

Modern Stoves also offers its customers a 2-year warranty and free delivery to those in the mainland of the UK.

✔ 22kW power output

✔ Very affordable price

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Sustainable fuel

✔ Variety of colours and finishes

✔ 2-year warranty

✔ Powers up to 14 radiators

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9. Rio 15kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove with Back Boiler

Modern Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 15kW

Efficiency percentage: 77%

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Pricing: £449

The Rio 15kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove comes with a back boiler as part of your package, with 15kW of power which can be split between your hot water and your central heating system.

You can benefit from the many attractive advantages of this boiler stove combination, which includes high efficiency, performance and heating with low emissions.

This environmentally friendly option comes at an affordable and low price which includes free delivery to your location in the UK mainland.

✔ Money back guarantee

✔ 15kW power output

✔ Highly efficient

✔ Low emissions

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ Multiple fuels

✔ Free delivery included

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10. Firebelly Stoves FB2 Wood Burner with Boiler

Modern Stoves

Type: Wood

Power output: 12kW

Efficiency percentage: 78%

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Pricing: £2,347

The Firebelly Stoves FB2 Wood Burner with Boiler will give you 12kW of power, and a high-efficiency rating of 78% which has a stylish design that comes in sleek finishes and styles.

Some of the main advantages to choosing this boiler from Modern Stoves include the fact that it is available in a variety of finishes, it is environmentally friendly, it is designed and built in the UK and has a 2-year guarantee.

There is also a range of optional features to choose from, such as a log box which lifts the height of the boiler and creates a section to store your logs.

✔ High energy efficiency

✔ 2-year guarantee

✔ Range of colours available

✔ The UK designed and built

✔ Stylish modern design

✔ Optional extras

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Have you learnt what you need to know about biomass boilers?

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