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Solar Sheep to the Rescue!


Many solar farm designers didn’t plan for the high grasses that would grow up and block precious sunlight from solar panels.  The solution? Solar sheep!  Here’s an eco-business that’s new, different, and in demand.

Renewable Energy Innovations: Revolutionary Photovoltaic Solar Panels Printed on Common Household Materials


We are inundated daily with so much bleak information about petroleum, as well as the many environmental problems and wars associated with oil, that it is a relief to read some positive energy news. Some creative thinkers are already devising much more sustainable technologies for our future.

This week the prestigious Lemelson-MIT award was given to Miles C. Barr, a scientist and “pay it forward” advocate, for his work developing an inexpensive process that can print photovoltaic solar cells on common items, like paper, fabric and ordinary construction materials.

Renewable Power Built On Superfund Sites and Landfills


Superfund sites, landfills and depleted mines don’t exactly bring to mind renewable energy opportunities. And yet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency thinks there might just be, in the midst of all the industrial waste, pollution, and environmental neglect being cleaned up at these sites, a green opportunity — a renewable energy opportunity.

Project SolarStrong Coming to Your State


SolarCity, a California-based solar provider, will be working with the U.S. military on installing up to 160,000 rooftop residential solar photovoltaic systems on military housing throughout 33 states, making it one of the largest residential solar projects in U.S. history, it recently announced. Talk about changing the system from within!

Google’s $280 Million Investment in Building U.S. Solar Energy Infrastructure


Why did we have to wait for Google to invest in building our solar energy infrastructure? What has happened to the government’s commitment to green energy and creating jobs in the green sector?

It looks like it took the money-making minds of Silicon Valley to come up with the idea of backing this brilliant scheme. SolarCity says they don’t have to beat the price of coal, they only have to beat the price the consumer pays its utility company. The consumer will vote with their dollars even if they don’t care about being green at all. It looks like with the help of Silicon Valley and Solar City, capitalism may eventually trick the United States into going green.

Solar Panels: Father’s Day Gift?


Generally, I try to keep an eye on the most popular Google searches in the U.S. For one, I think this is important for my job, to see if something I’m interested in is hot at the moment (and why) or to find out about something important I might have missed in my normal news channels. Additionally, doing so just gives me an idea of what’s happening or what’s popular at the moment, in general.

Los Angeles Could Easily be a Solar-Powered City


UCLA’s Luskin Center has created a “Los Angeles Solar Atlas” showing the solar potential in Los Angeles County on a variety of different scales. It created solar maps for each city and zone in the county and for the jurisdiction of each of the county’s 7 utilities, as well as for the county as a whole.

Solar Panel Installation in Australia Financially Driven (Not Environmentally Driven)


The results of a recent survey by Sun Connect, an Australian solar power installation company, show that rising electricity bills have a major influence on homeowner’s decisions to go solar. Respondents pointed to high electricity bills, anticipated electricity price rises, and pain caused by high power costs, as significant areas of concern. In fact, when […]