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Solar Sheep to the Rescue!

Many solar farm designers didn’t plan for the high grasses that would grow up and block precious sunlight from solar panels.  The solution? Solar sheep!  Here’s an eco-business that’s new, different, and in demand.

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Renewable Energy Innovations: Revolutionary Photovoltaic Solar Panels Printed on Common Household Materials

We are inundated daily with so much bleak information about petroleum, as well as the many environmental problems and wars associated with oil, that it is a relief to read some positive energy news. Some creative thinkers are already devising much more sustainable technologies for our future.

This week the prestigious Lemelson-MIT award was given to Miles C. Barr, a scientist and “pay it forward” advocate, for his work developing an inexpensive process that can print photovoltaic solar cells on common items, like paper, fabric and ordinary construction materials.

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UK Solar Schools Program Hits 1st Milestone 3 Months Early

I cover solar energy news (and wind energy news) obsessively over on CleanTechnica. I think one of the coolest programs I’ve run across in the past couple years is a UK program to get solar power on more schools. It involves the communities around the schools and helps them to give back to the schools that teach and help to raise their youngest, while also empowering them to keep their air and water clean and keep their climate safe. Here’s…

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Chicago — Solar-Powered EV Car-Sharing & Solar-Powered Airport

  Chicago may not be the first city many people think of when they think of solar leaders — it shouldn’t be — but it has been on the leading edge of green for awhile, and a couple new announcements out of the windy city keep that trend going. 1. A non-profit car-sharing program in Chicago, I-GO, recently announced that it has launched “a $2.5-million electric vehicle (EV) project that will be the national leader in solar power for EVs.” It will include 18…

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Solar Panels: Father’s Day Gift?

Generally, I try to keep an eye on the most popular Google searches in the U.S. For one, I think this is important for my job, to see if something I’m interested in is hot at the moment (and why) or to find out about something important I might have missed in my normal news channels. Additionally, doing so just gives me an idea of what’s happening or what’s popular at the moment, in general.

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Los Angeles Could Easily be a Solar-Powered City

UCLA’s Luskin Center has created a “Los Angeles Solar Atlas” showing the solar potential in Los Angeles County on a variety of different scales. It created solar maps for each city and zone in the county and for the jurisdiction of each of the county’s 7 utilities, as well as for the county as a whole.

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Solar Panel Installation in Australia Financially Driven (Not Environmentally Driven)

The results of a recent survey by Sun Connect, an Australian solar power installation company, show that rising electricity bills have a major influence on homeowner’s decisions to go solar. Respondents pointed to high electricity bills, anticipated electricity price rises, and pain caused by high power costs, as significant areas of concern. In fact, when solar panel owners were asked why they originally converted to solar, the results show that people were 2.6 times more likely to identify “electricity bills…

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World-Leading Sustainable Community in Germany: Vauban District

The Vauban district is a green, planned community in the city of Freiburg in southern Germany. Construction of this community began in the mid-1990s and opened in 2000. By 2001, it had 2,000 inhabitants living in a greener, more sustainable way. Now, the Vauban district is said to have 5,000 inhabitants and 600 jobs. A recently article I ran across highlights the green features of this community and I thought I’d share some of that here. “The Vauban district was…

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Hawaii Riding High On Big Waves Solar Power

This guest post comes to us from Reginald Norris, Executive Vice President & General Counsel for Clean Energy Experts. Clean Energy Experts’s mission is to increase the adoption of economically and environmentally beneficial energy solutions by educating consumers through a portfolio of websites, and, on the facts about clean energy and energy efficiency, enabling them to make the right decisions for their home. People who visit Hawaii are typically struck by the same things that every other tourist…

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Native Americans Going Solar, and Winning Awards

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) announced the winners of its 2010 Innovation Awards recently. One of the well-deserving turned out to be Lakota Solar Enterprises, a renewable energy company owned entirely by Native Americans. Jeanne of CalFinder Solar reports: Lakota Solar Enterprises, an extension of Native American non-profit group Trees, Water & People (TWP), won the prize for its Great Plains Tribal Communities initiative, the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, or RCREC, an educational and training facility where individuals from indigenous…

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First Net-Zero Affordable Community! But…

There’s an exciting announcement out this week — the “first net-zero affordable community” is supposed to break ground on September 14th in Jerseyville, IL. It looks like a wonderful project in that 32 single-family homes renting for only $590 per month will be powered by solar panels, wind turbines and other clean technology, keeping utility bills at $0. Furthermore, the homes are expected to be LEED Platinum certified once they are completed. No small feat there. “Cutting edge green renewable technology…

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