Energy Secretary Steven Chu will Not Deny Love Affair with Solar Panel

“I just want everyone to know that my decision not to serve a second term as Energy Secretary has absolutely nothing to do with the allegations made in this week’s edition of the Onion. While I’m not going to confirm or deny the charges specifically, I will say that clean, renewable solar power is a growing source of U.S. jobs and is becoming more and more affordable, so it’s no surprise that lots of Americans are falling in love with solar.”

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Ten Reasons Why the USDA Needs New Leadership

Considering the growing list of problems erupting from destructive modern agriculture practices, it is clear that new leadership is desperately needed at our Department of Agriculture (USDA). Many of these problems have been issues for decades, and only superficial responses have been made by the USDA.

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Salazar Says No New Arctic Oil Drilling

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has now stated that there will be no more oil drilling in the Arctic until much more is know about the many potential environmental problems that petroleum exploration may cause. Salazar has just completed a two day tour of Alaska, visited petroleum reserves sites and small towns. He discussed how much more complicated a massive oil spill response would be in the remote Arctic regions, as compared to the present clean up efforts for the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Steven Chu Gives Me Hope

United States Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is by far my favorite member of the Obama Administration; I am even one of his many facebook fans. It is so exciting that science is no longer a dirty word, as it was during the dark ages of Bush. To me, the Nobel Laueate Chu comes across as a no nonsense incredibly competent visionary, and his practical genius shines though every time he speaks. This is a short clip of him explaining…

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