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Mexico City’s Green Revolution


At Ecolocalizer we are always looking for the ways that the spirit of humanity is continually find its way back to nature. I ran across this article today, and was very inspired to read about how the people in Mexico City are bringing green back to a city that has been notoriously dangerous and polluted for decades.

Stockbox Grocery Opens First Storefront in Seattle’s South Park Neighborhood


Last year at the Slow Money Gathering in San Francisco, I was really impressed with a presentation that I heard from one of the founders of Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery in Washington. Her idea was simple and innovative — retrofit shipping containers to sell healthy food and produce in underserved neighborhoods. The easily portable container could be placed in industrial areas and regions where food deserts now prevail, instantly providing better access to fresh groceries.

Greening the Food Deserts of East Los Angeles


Food insecurity is huge problem in our nation. More families are now in need of food stamps than ever before in the history of our country, and in many neighborhoods liquor stores far outnumber produce markets. However, in the barren food deserts of East Los Angeles, a few small oases of healthy food options are beginning to sprout.

Celebrating Seasonal Riches at the Farmer’s Market


My favorite way to celebrate the embarrassment of riches that is California’s seasonal produce is to take a trip to our local farmer’s market. It is a weekly ritual that we enjoy as one of life’s simple pleasures; the outing provides social opportunities to interact with my neighbors, and it is also much more fun than just an ordinary grocery shopping chore.

Eating More Sustainably and Locally – Now There’s an App for That


If you are committed to buying food that is produced locally and sustainably now you have more help in finding it. You can use your smart phone, tablet or computer to locate information about various regional foods, whether your goal is to find some fresh organic kale from a nearby farm, or to trace a tainted food product in the case of a contamination or recall.

The interest in mapping where food comes from and tracing the supply chain of food has resulted in some innovative web based tools that are creating transparency in the food supply. Some of these food maps are being built through citizen participation for data gathering, and the more people that participate the more complete and useful the maps become.

Hayes Valley Urban Farm Blossoms


I can not think of a better example of a shining hope for our collective sustainable future than the Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco. On the site of what was once an old freeway on-ramp, now exists a thriving organic community farm. Hundreds of volunteers have worked diligently to transform a blighted section of […]

More Fresh Produce in Bayview!


My favorite Bayview corner sandwich shop, Upper Crust Deli on Third Street in San Francisco, has just started carrying fresh seasonal produce. They are now selling a variety of melons, potatoes, apples, bananas and many other healthy fruit and vegetable options.

Geothermal Power Gains Steam in America

  Harnessing the Earth’s Heat for Food and Power As the rumbling temblors beneath Yellowstone National Park continue (over 900 hundred such weak quakes in 2008), media attention shifts to two topics: the possibility of a super-volcanic eruption (not likely, according to most geologists), and secondly, the harnessing of geothermal energy. This latter consideration is […]

Try Community-Supported Agriculture for Fresh Produce


With Thanksgiving around the corner and (slightly) cooler weather here in LA, my thoughts are turning to comfort food. From stuffing to squash, it all sounds good right now. What better way to enjoy the best that the season has to offer than joining in the movement of community-supported agriculture? These farms, or CSAs, provide […]