The Exxon-Valdez Obituary: Failed Attempts at Rewriting Reputation

Recently, the notorious Exxon-Valdez ship was transported to Indian waters for dismantling; but its toxic reputation had preceded the vessel, which began drowning in a quagmire of litigation, controversy and concern. The ship is a 27-year-old behemoth that grabbed the headlines in 1989 with one of the worst oil-tanker spills in all of human history.

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Enbridge Knew Tar Sands Pipeline was Damaged 5 Years Before Michigan Oil Spill

Two years ago the worst onshore oil spill in United States history was caused in Michigan by a Canadian company named Enbridge. Over one million gallons of tar sands crude spewed out of a ruptured pipeline into the Kalamazoo River, and the attempted clean up has only just been completed, sort of. The NTSB has released a report analyzing the extreme negligence that led to this environmental disaster, and found that the company knew five years beforehand that this burst pipeline was sorely in need of repair, but did nothing to fix it.

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100% Local, Clean, Cheap Power is Possible Using Renewable Energy

I’ve written in the past about the fact that 100% of the world could be powered from clean, renewable energy. But to get to that 100% target, you need a lot of small 100% targets (i.e. 100% renewable energy for Scotland, for Tokelau, etc.). A report just out yesterday from the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research finds that Minnesota could easily go 100% renewable. Not only that, though — it could use 100% local clean power from solar and wind energy. That’s exciting.

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Banktransferlujah!! Money Transfer Action Day!

This Saturday thousands of people around the country are transferring their money from large corporate banks, into small financial institutions, community-oriented cooperatives and credit unions. We’ve been doing this for some time, check out our own Dragonfly’s amazing stealth video during our successful campaign against JP Morgan Chase and their financing of Mountaintop Removal.

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Peak Oil & Sustainable Development Expert Talks about the Situation Today In-Depth [VIDEOS]

James Kunstler, a renowned writer and a long-time expert on city planning, suburbia, sustainable development (in particular, New Urbanism), and peak oil, goes into depth on the worldwide peak oil crisis we are starting to face. His most well-known books are “The Geography of Nowhere (1994), a history of American suburbia and urban development, and the more recent The Long Emergency (2005), where he argues that declining oil production is likely to result in the end of industrialized society as we know…

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Obama Administration Proposes $53 Billion More for High-Speed Rail [VIDEO]

The Obama administration announced a proposal to dedicate $53 billion more towards high-speed rail in the next 6 years this week. That would significantly increase federal funding on high-speed rail. The administration awarded $8 billion to a national high-speed rail network early last year and another $2.5 billion later in the year, but a lot more than that is needed to get our national high-speed rail network up and running. “The proposal will place high-speed rail on equal footing with…

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Peak Oil is a Comin’, WikiLeaks Confirms

As if it wasn’t already completely self-evident, WikiLeaks has released a number of cables showing that Saudi Arabia is probably going to run out of oil a lot sooner than they’ve been claiming, and that, of course, their ability to keep oil prices down at a “reasonable level” isn’t going to last much longer. (Why didn’t we listen to those crackpot hippies who were talking about peak oil back in the ’90s?…) “The cables, released by WikiLeaks, urge Washington to take…

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Does California Need Oil or Water More?

Getting oil out of the ground requires water. And as oil supplies are depleted, this process requires more and more water. It turns out that nowadays oil companies are using a TON of water,.. (to access precious oil for our gas-guzzling cars). “Oil companies are grabbing an increasing share of the water in California’s Central Valley. Last year, oil companies took 83% of the district’s water allocation, according to new data published by High Country News,” Susan Kraemer of our sister…

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Salazar Says No New Arctic Oil Drilling

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has now stated that there will be no more oil drilling in the Arctic until much more is know about the many potential environmental problems that petroleum exploration may cause. Salazar has just completed a two day tour of Alaska, visited petroleum reserves sites and small towns. He discussed how much more complicated a massive oil spill response would be in the remote Arctic regions, as compared to the present clean up efforts for the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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BP Oil Spill Largest in History

The amount of toxic petroleum that the BP oil spill catastrophe spewed into the Gulf of Mexico is now estimated at over 170 million gallons. This makes the disaster the worst oil spill ever in history, greatly exceeding even the devastation wrought by the horrific Ixtoc spill in the Gulf in 1979, which lasted for an entire year.

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Michigan Oil Spill Raises Serious Questions

Poor government oversight of an oil pipeline company contributed to a major environmental disaster in Michigan this week. As workers tackle a 1 million gallon oil spill in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River, citizens are eager to volunteer to help with oil-soaked wildlife.  But public officials are discouraging them.  According to one report, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and wildlife officials are saying asking volunteers not to to rescue oil-covered wildlife from the river and surrounding areas. “While the sentiment is appreciated, the…

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New Oil Spill in Louisiana

As we first reported yesterday over at FailDrill, massive geysers of oil spewed into the air and ocean in Barataria Bay on the coast of Louisiana on Tuesday, after a tugboat ran into an offshore drilling wellhead. The area is part of a network of ecologically sensitive estuaries and bayous that have been already battling toxic waves of oil from BP’s Gulf spill. At what point does it become clear that the continued pursuit of petroleum is just a really…

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