Energy Secretary Steven Chu will Not Deny Love Affair with Solar Panel

“I just want everyone to know that my decision not to serve a second term as Energy Secretary has absolutely nothing to do with the allegations made in this week’s edition of the Onion. While I’m not going to confirm or deny the charges specifically, I will say that clean, renewable solar power is a growing source of U.S. jobs and is becoming more and more affordable, so it’s no surprise that lots of Americans are falling in love with solar.”

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Mansplainer Hank Williams Jr. Proves that You Can Just Make Stuff Up

While commenting on the 2012 presidential race in the Maddow Blog recently, Steven Benen suggested that in this election season it now seems that “maybe you can just make stuff up”. From fictional tales of spastic tubes and forcible legitimate rape, many strange lies and bizarre falsehoods have continued to spew out of the Republican Party propaganda machine. In today’s installment of “maybe you can just make stuff up”, we look at an entertainer who appears intent upon dividing our nation.

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Romney & Ryan: Going Back to the Future that Destroyed Our Nation’s Economy?

Just as newly christened potential vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told his supporters that he was “thrilled to be a part of America’s comeback team”, the Obama campaign released another endearing nickname for the political duo: “The Go Back Team”. It is inexplicable why these Republicans keep desperately clinging to the belief that the miserably failed trickle down economics fraud that already drove our country off a cliff is still somehow a viable solution.

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Judge Rules Obama’s Indefinite Detention Violates Our Constitutional Rights

An Obama-appointed federal judge, Katherine Forrest, has just ruled that the administration’s indefinite detention provisions are indeed unconstitutional, and violate our Fifth Amendment right to due process. The NDAA statute was found to be so incredibly vague that it is nearly impossible to know what specific behavior could potentially subject one to indefinite secret military detention.

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U.S. Drones Slaughter Hundreds of Civilians & Children

We have already learned that the United States has killed its own citizens with secret military drones, but many people are unaware of just how prevalent these robot assassins have now become around the globe. In the three years since President Obama took office, more than five hundred civilians have been murdered by U.S. military drones in Pakistan alone, including scores of young children.

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U.S. Killing Own Citizens with Military Drones

“What does it mean for a democracy when the government wages a secret war?”

This question was posed by Chris Hayes on the Rachel Maddow Show recently, as he detailed how the U.S. government is now using remote-controlled military drones to kill its own citizens.

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Trickle Down Economics is a Vicious Fraud

The highly esteemed economist, Robert Reich, clearly explains what some of our country’s largest financial system problems are, offers a clear plan with well defined policy solutions, and presents this concise message to President Obama:

“We’ll give you a mandate in your second term to raise taxes on the rich, including capital gains taxes, and put a tax on financial transactions, also, resurrect the Glass-Steagall Act, limit the size of big banks, and force them to modify the loans of millions of Americans who are now underwater; and invest in public schools and other infrastructure so that all Americans can prosper in this new economy.”

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United Nations: Texas Violated International Law with Texas Execution

Just before the murder of the Death Row prisoner, this week the U.S. Supreme Court split on another contentious 5-4 decision, with the conservative majority voting to not delay the Texas execution of Mexican citizen Humberto Leal Garcia, even though he was never allowed any aid or consular access from his home nation, as is guaranteed by international law. President Barack Obama also weighed in against the execution; but unfortunately his serious concerns fell upon the deaf and oblivious ears of right wing extremist Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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President Obama on Absent Fathers and Being an Engaged Parent

In his weekly address this Father’s Day, President Barack Obama discusses the importance of being a present and attentive parent. He emphasized how vital it is for dads to be active in the lives of their children, and how very much kids need your time, guidance and unconditional love.

Obama also mentioned the impact upon his own childhood of his absent father while he was growing up. He pondered how his life might have been different if his dad had been more involved in his life and had not left when he was just an infant.

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Obama Administration Proposes $53 Billion More for High-Speed Rail [VIDEO]

The Obama administration announced a proposal to dedicate $53 billion more towards high-speed rail in the next 6 years this week. That would significantly increase federal funding on high-speed rail. The administration awarded $8 billion to a national high-speed rail network early last year and another $2.5 billion later in the year, but a lot more than that is needed to get our national high-speed rail network up and running. “The proposal will place high-speed rail on equal footing with…

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Obama State of the Union Address 2011 [VIDEO]

  Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address (full text) is important to us all because it is not only a critical reflection on where we stand today, but also on where we’re going, where we need to go, and how we can succeed as a nation (all according to our President and his team, the people with the most power concerning this matter… or who should have the most power concerning this matter). Here are my reflections (and the…

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EcoLocalizer Link Drop

New Transit Projects for 2011   A comprehensive list of transit projects scheduled to start construction or open in 2011. “Streetcar lines dominate the nation’s new transit construction landscape, but this year only light and commuter rail lines will open for service.” NYC Tries ‘Rapid’ Buses in Bid to Cut Transit Costs   The city’s much-maligned bus system is getting a face-lift. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) surprised commuters on Manhattan’s East Side last fall by launching shiny stretch coaches…

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Turns 50 Soon: Help Make it a National Monument

Any time Republicans gain power, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is in a little more threat. Some Alaskan conservationists are looking to change that with a push to protect ANWR indefinitely (or as close to indefinitely as possible). The Alaska Wilderness League is pushing Obama to declare ANWR a National Monument, “a move that would protect the refuge from drilling pushers in Congress and hopefully lead the way to an official wilderness designation through legislation,” Jess Leber of Change.org…

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