Industrial Agriculture

Saving Heirloom Seeds with Crowd Sourcing

This great post by Patricia Larenas is a reprint from one of the many blogs in our network:

Multi-National corporations continue to develop agricultural strategies which indirectly destroys food crop biodiversity. I’m getting ready to sow my Three Heart Lettuce seeds and be part of a volunteer team that is evaluating a special heirloom variety of lettuce that is in danger of extinction. Just like rare wild plants and animals, food crops can disappear forever.

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No Love for Animals — 0.1% of European Union Budget!

The European Union got strongly admonished this month by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) after the release of a report that is more than a decade late and comes to disheartening conclusions. The EU is giving only 0.1% of its budget to nature protection, with drastic consequences. Due to the miniscule investment in protecting wildlife, more than half of European habitats and species are under threat of extinction.

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Reports Show Less Water Used In Organic Farming

  Note: This article is part of EcoWorldly’s series on food and agriculture around the world. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this week EcoWorldly writers are exploring environmental issues related to bringing food from the farm to your dinner plate. Sellers of organic products all say the same thing: their products are better for our health and for the environment. So if you’re planning on chowing on organic cranberries, yams and free-range turkeys this Thanksgiving, rest assured that your meal…

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