Boycott Monsanto: Ten Easy Steps to Avoid GMO Foods & Subvert Agribusiness

Monsanto is a company that does little to no good, and a whole world of bad. Such massive and largely unaccountable corporations have been economically ravaging our world by externalizing the hidden costs of their dirty business and decades of environmental destruction. So what’s a concerned citizen to do? Here’s how to hurt Monsanto in the only place that they care about: their wallet.

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Asheville City Council Tackles Food Insecurity and Approves Food Action Plan

North Carolina’s city of Asheville is the most recent town in our nation to create a Food Action Plan. These sensible strategies address difficult issues, such as food deserts, community health, food insecurity, nutrition knowledge deficits, barriers to local food production and distribution, as well as food sovereignty. The plan was approved 6-0 on January 21, 2013 by the city council; this legislation will play an active role in improving healthy food access, and will also help to build a more sustainable local food infrastructure.

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Wellness Wednesday: 8 Tips for More Affordable & Healthy Food Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the basic foundations of our health. Learning how to do it well can help you save tons of time and money. If you incorporate these simple steps into your weekly routine, you will not only reap the benefits of home cooked meals, as well as delicious leftovers for lunch, but will also be able to maintain a busy work schedule and usually get everything done.

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Can Drinking Delicious Smoothies for 40 Days Help Make You Healthier?

My friend and fellow Important Media editor, Becky Striepe, has just published a new e-book showing just how easy it can be to make a wide variety of delectable and nutritious beverages. 40 Days of Green Smoothies illustrates the simple step by step instructions to enable you to create all manner of affordable liquid lusciousness that will also help you to feel great.

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Stockbox Grocery Opens First Storefront in Seattle’s South Park Neighborhood

Last year at the Slow Money Gathering in San Francisco, I was really impressed with a presentation that I heard from one of the founders of Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery in Washington. Her idea was simple and innovative — retrofit shipping containers to sell healthy food and produce in underserved neighborhoods. The easily portable container could be placed in industrial areas and regions where food deserts now prevail, instantly providing better access to fresh groceries.

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Sandor Katz’s Delicious, Beautiful & Inspiring Art of Fermentation

Sandor Katz’s The Art of Fermentation is a handsome hard cover volume which provides many easy to understand recipes explaining how to make everything from succulent sauerkraut, pickles and beer, to sourdough bread, cheese and tofu. However, this great work is also much more than just a cookbook. This essential reference book delves into fermentation concepts and food history from around the world, and explains relevant scientific concepts, like how bacterial cultures work.

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Delicious, Nutritious Kale: Guide to Different Varieties

Kale is a beautiful dark leafy green that is packed with nutrition and cancer fighting properties. High in manganese, as well as vitamins A, C and K, this vegetable is often referred to as a superfood. Gaining quickly in popularity for its ease to grow, hardiness and wonderful taste, kale is becoming a staple in home gardens everywhere.

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Greening the Food Deserts of East Los Angeles

Food insecurity is huge problem in our nation. More families are now in need of food stamps than ever before in the history of our country, and in many neighborhoods liquor stores far outnumber produce markets. However, in the barren food deserts of East Los Angeles, a few small oases of healthy food options are beginning to sprout.

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Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Fiber: What does it All Mean for My Health?

There is much talk these days about the importance of a high-fiber diet for good health. You may also have heard the terms “prebiotics” and “probiotics” tossed around in those conversations. But what does it all mean, and how can you incorporate them into your diet in a delicious and healthy way? I personally like to avoid trips to the doctor’s office as much as possible, so keeping in good health is very important to me.

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All the Free Food You Can Eat at Google — But is It Healthy?

Google is more than just the default search engine on so many of our computers. It is also a massive company well-known for providing its employees with perks that employees at other corporations can only imagine. One particularly famous benefit of working for Google is 24/7 access to free meals and snacks. But is that really a healthy eating environment?

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Bringing Real Food to the People: The Guerilla Garden Ninjas City Co-Op

It’s a challenge creating access to healthy, affordable food in many urban neighborhoods. The following inspiring story was published on Eco Etsy last week, and it features the efforts of Juanita Rivas-Raymer, who has been able to do just that. She has succeeded in combining the concept of a community garden with a food-swapping co-operative.

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Greening Food Deserts in East Los Angeles

The social enterprise organization, Public Matters, is trying to tackle the complicated problem of how to sustainably transform some of our blighted food deserts in East Los Angeles. They are partnering with community groups to transform a few L.A. corner stores into healthy food oases. However, these market makeovers are more than mere physical changes to the retail stores; the coalition is also working to create positive, systematic and sustained changes in how people eat, cook and live.

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#1 Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

Topping yet another bicycle list, Amsterdam is #1 here because of the great bicycle photos to follow along with the fact that 40% of traffic is bicycle traffic in Amsterdam and the city is full of bicycle facilities, including a 10,000-bicycle parking garage at its train station. Amsterdam may not have as high a percentage of bicycle commuters as its Dutch neighbor to the north, Groningen, or as much bike-crazy counter-culture as Portland (Oregon), or the largest bicycle sharing program…

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What’s on Your Plate?

“What’s on Your Plate?” is a compelling new documentary that follows two eleven year old African American city kids, Sadie and Safiyah, as they explore their local New York food systems over the course of a year. The film accompanies the two girls as they embark upon a quest to learn more about food politics and the origins of what they are eating. Catherine Gund, filmmaker and co-founder of the feminist Third Wave Foundation, chronicles Sadie and Safiyah’s journey as…

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