Wellness Wednesday: 8 Tips for More Affordable & Healthy Food Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the basic foundations of our health. Learning how to do it well can help you save tons of time and money. If you incorporate these simple steps into your weekly routine, you will not only reap the benefits of home cooked meals, as well as delicious leftovers for lunch, but will also be able to maintain a busy work schedule and usually get everything done.

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Can Drinking Delicious Smoothies for 40 Days Help Make You Healthier?

My friend and fellow Important Media editor, Becky Striepe, has just published a new e-book showing just how easy it can be to make a wide variety of delectable and nutritious beverages. 40 Days of Green Smoothies illustrates the simple step by step instructions to enable you to create all manner of affordable liquid lusciousness that will also help you to feel great.

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Mansplainer Hank Williams Jr. Proves that You Can Just Make Stuff Up

While commenting on the 2012 presidential race in the Maddow Blog recently, Steven Benen suggested that in this election season it now seems that “maybe you can just make stuff up”. From fictional tales of spastic tubes and forcible legitimate rape, many strange lies and bizarre falsehoods have continued to spew out of the Republican Party propaganda machine. In today’s installment of “maybe you can just make stuff up”, we look at an entertainer who appears intent upon dividing our nation.

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Sandor Katz’s Delicious, Beautiful & Inspiring Art of Fermentation

Sandor Katz’s The Art of Fermentation is a handsome hard cover volume which provides many easy to understand recipes explaining how to make everything from succulent sauerkraut, pickles and beer, to sourdough bread, cheese and tofu. However, this great work is also much more than just a cookbook. This essential reference book delves into fermentation concepts and food history from around the world, and explains relevant scientific concepts, like how bacterial cultures work.

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Rio+20 Conference Calls for Pollution Action, but Bickering Continues

At the recent United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, New Zealand teenager Brittany Trilfold told the world to stop bickering and focus on protecting the environment better for her future and for the future of the world. Twenty years previously, 12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki had done the exact same thing. This insight from these youth is much-needed advice for the two largest polluting economies in the world, the US and China, but will they listen?

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Sunday Streets Shines in San Francisco’s Mission District

Yesterday the sunny streets of San Francisco were swarming with thousands of happy residents during another regular Sunday Streets event. Rivers of happy families filled the car-free avenues, listening to live music, biking, dancing, playing football, skateboarding, walking dogs, socializing with their neighbors, and just soaking up the beautiful spring day.

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Obamacare in Cartoons: New Graphic Novel Explains Health Care Reform

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has released his much-anticipated graphic novel describing the inner workings of Obamacare, just in time for the Supreme Court’s hearing on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act of 2010. Most of us do not have the time or the ability to slog through the 900+ pages of the actual Affordable Care Act, so this comic novel is just the thing to help make all of this information more comprehensible.

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Is the U.S. Slowly Becoming an Extremist Theocracy?

With the increasing zealotry of religious extremists like Rick Santorum, who wants to outlaw all birth control, as well as various states across the country forcing invasive mandatory transvaginal probes upon women before the government will allow them to have an abortion, I wonder if the United States has lost its way? Are we now slowly becoming an intolerant religious theocracy?

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Earache Home Remedies

Now that the winter months are upon us, it’s not uncommon to find yourself suffering from a dreaded earache. While there are many causes of earaches- from an ear infection, sore throat, issues with your sinuses or a build up of earwax- there are also many home remedy treatments, found in the kitchen, which may be used to soothe an aching ear.

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Help OlyKraut Grow: Investing in Our Local Food System

Much in the same manner that OlyKraut supports and reaches out to many small local farmers in the area, the burgeoning food business is now seeking help from each of you to be able to grow their young company. Sash and Summer have just created a short video to explain why raw fermented vegetables are so very important for our diet, as well as what their growing business now needs in order to thrive.

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Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Fiber: What does it All Mean for My Health?

There is much talk these days about the importance of a high-fiber diet for good health. You may also have heard the terms “prebiotics” and “probiotics” tossed around in those conversations. But what does it all mean, and how can you incorporate them into your diet in a delicious and healthy way? I personally like to avoid trips to the doctor’s office as much as possible, so keeping in good health is very important to me.

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Olympia Loves Planned Parenthood

Although our nation’s budget struggle is over for the moment, the extreme right’s repeated rabid attacks on Planned Parenthood funding have generated some unexpected consequences. All federal money for the vital health agency has remained in our national budget; but the republicans’ obsession with restricting abortion access, as well as ongoing threats from anti-abortion fringe groups, have now only served to greatly increase both public support and donations for Planned Parenthood.

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