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Help the Yes Men Activists Create a Climate Change Public Revolution

The Yes Men are brilliant satirical social activists who are adept at political impersonations, hoax interviews and using humor to highlight the absurdity of entrenched destructive corporate influence. The group is now making a documentary entitled: The Yes Men are Revolting. The movie chronicles some of the group’s clever disruptive actions, focusing on impending climate change disasters in store for our planet if we all continue to do nothing.

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Climate Central Maps How Much Hotter Each State has Now Become

During the 20th century our average temperature rose 1.3°F, and since 1970 the increases have become even more intense. The planet is getting hotter, despite what a few wing nuts are still trying to claim, and tremendous amounts of scientific data exist to prove this. The folks at Climate Central have compiled some of this compelling information into easy to understand maps, which illustrate, state by state, just how much temperatures have risen in our country over the last hundred years.

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Banktransferlujah!! Money Transfer Action Day!

This Saturday thousands of people around the country are transferring their money from large corporate banks, into small financial institutions, community-oriented cooperatives and credit unions. We’ve been doing this for some time, check out our own Dragonfly’s amazing stealth video during our successful campaign against JP Morgan Chase and their financing of Mountaintop Removal.

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10 Most Climate-Ready Cities in the U.S.?

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. recently came up with a methodology to rank large cities in the U.S. based on how much they are preparing for or trying to counter climate change. He then went on to create and publish a top 10 list of the most “climate-ready” cities. While I think the term “climate-ready” is sort of a mistake, since he focuses more on efforts to stop climate change not adapt to it (which is what I would assume “climate-readiness” would be about), I think the overall idea and methodology looks great.

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Earth Hour — Tomorrow!

If you haven’t heard, what has been deemed the largest grassroots environmental movement in history — Earth Hour — is tomorrow evening at 8:30pm (your time).

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Obama State of the Union Address 2011 [VIDEO]

  Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address (full text) is important to us all because it is not only a critical reflection on where we stand today, but also on where we’re going, where we need to go, and how we can succeed as a nation (all according to our President and his team, the people with the most power concerning this matter… or who should have the most power concerning this matter). Here are my reflections (and the…

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Louisiana Washing Back into the Sea

“Louisiana wetlands are disappearing at a rate of up to 25 square miles per year — and taking centuries-old communities with them.” This is the intro to a great piece on OnEarth that shows us yet again that we can stop talking only about the effects climate change is going to have on the world in the future and start talking more about the effects it is having on the world now. Getting into the case in Louisiana more, Barry…

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NASA: World’s Largest Lakes are Warming

What’s one major sign the world is warming? The world’s large bodies of water are warming. In a first-of-its-kind study, NASA has now concluded that the world’s largest lakes have been steadily warming over the past 25 years. Yep, no surprise to us science realists. “The researchers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, reported an average warming rate of 0.45 degrees Celsius (0.81 degrees Fahrenheit) per decade, with some lakes warming as much as 1 degree Celsius (1.8…

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Activists Who Tried to Shut Down UK Power Plant Going on Trial

114 UK activists were suspected of “conspiring to shut down Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station,” the UK’s 3rd-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and arrested “in a night-time police raid” at a school in Nottingham in April, 2009. 20 of these activists are going on trial this month. The activists are admitting that they intended to shut down the power plant but are pleading “Not Guilty”… err, what?.. This explains: “The activists are pleading Not Guilty on the grounds of necessity. This means they…

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Report: Asian Megacities to Get Billions of Dollars Damage from Climate Change

A major report was released this week on the potential impacts of climate change on three major Asian cities. The news isn’t good. These three major coastal cities alone (all with populations of 10 million or more) — Bangkok, Manila, and Ho Chi Minh City — could suffer billions in dollars of damage (not to mention physical and psychological trauma) from climate change. This would be equal to 2-6% of regional GDP. The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Japan International…

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Bioneers 2010: Million Kid March For Climate Action Announced

Alec Loorz, founder of Kids vs. Global Warming, began his career as a climate change activist when he was 12 years old. You read that right, 12! That’s when he saw Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” that “changed his life forever.” He became so moved that he has been speaking truth to power, organizing and empowering youth, and speaking to large audiences ever since. He’s now a junior in high school and a winner of a Brower Youth Award. At…

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