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Vertical Gardening Gets Real in Australia

When news broke two years ago that Sydney, Australia would be home to the world’s tallest and largest urban/vertical gardening project, I had some doubts- and I would have bet money that it was vaporware. It was a scam, I was sure- a thing that was so awesome that it was not ever going to happen. Thankfully, I was wrong: it’s real, and it’s spectacular. The One Central Park residential tower in Sydney was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel,…

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Aquaponic Rooftop Farm = New Age Fish and Chips

Green roofs and rooftop farming are some of the latest buzzwords of green architecture, but the guys behind Something & Son in Folkestone, England are taking it a step further. They’ve set up an advanced aquaponic system on the roof of their building, and they’re using the fish to help raise potatoes. In other words: it’s a fish and chips restaurant. Something & Son have literally built a Fish & Chips style storefront on the roof of their building, and…

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Asheville City Council Tackles Food Insecurity and Approves Food Action Plan

North Carolina’s city of Asheville is the most recent town in our nation to create a Food Action Plan. These sensible strategies address difficult issues, such as food deserts, community health, food insecurity, nutrition knowledge deficits, barriers to local food production and distribution, as well as food sovereignty. The plan was approved 6-0 on January 21, 2013 by the city council; this legislation will play an active role in improving healthy food access, and will also help to build a more sustainable local food infrastructure.

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An Ark for Saving Seeds and Our Future

This summer as you bite into unique varieties of luscious, ripe, delicious seasonal fresh fruit from your local farmer’s market, please take a moment to be thankful for the many unique seeds that still exist, as well as for the people who take the time to save them.

You can read about the heroic ongoing efforts to save our food heritage in a National Geographic story entitled “Food Ark”. Here is a brief excerpt from the recently published article about the work that Diane Ott Whealy has invested into creating an extensive seed exchange:

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Climate Change Puts South India Under Water

Even as the world prepares for the grand climate meet at Copenhagen this December, a large part of South India has gone under water. And while talks have already begun on coming up with an equitable deal and the very fear that there may be none, over 300 people have already lost their lives while millions are displaced and missing in this global warming related freak weather event, predicted well in advance by the IPCC in its Fourth Assessment Report…

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Hunger Increases in San Francisco

In San Francisco, over 150,000 people live at or far below the the poverty line, and are in desperate need of food aid; in 2008 the food bank alone distributed 33 million pounds of food to local hungry residents, many of whom are seniors and children.

San Francisco’s Food Security Task Force has just released information showing the huge increase in numbers of people needing food assistance and the growing strain that is being put on food relief agencies. Hunger is soaring and donations have been droppping. Food pantries have seen a 13.5% increase in need from the year before. During the federal fiscal quarter (Jul., Aug, Sep) of 2008 Glide Memorial Church alone saw an 18.9% increase in the number of meals served from the previous year. And our economy is continuing to decline; unemployment in the Bay Area is nearly in double digits.

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The Green Guerillas: A Brief History of Guerilla Gardening

I was walking home the other day and noticed that a short stretch of road smelled of rosemary. On doubling back, I discovered that someone had planted herbs along the previously bare median in my Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood: rosemary, lavender, cilantro, and basil. Guerrilla Gardening is a movement that got its start in the 70’s when Liz Christy and the Green Guerrillas turned an abandoned lot in New York into a community garden. From their underground gardening roots, tossing seed…

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