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The World Takes Action on Biodiversity

In the middle of the world’s 6th great extinction, it is hard to find a lot of positive news on biodiversity and saving species — we currently have a rate of extinction the world has not seen since dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. However, at the end of the Convention of Biodiversity in Nagoya, Japan this last weekend, environment ministers from every country of the world except Andorra (population 83,000) and the United States came to some historic agreements…

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Blue Whale Songs Getting Lower – Puzzling Scientists

The Blue whale–the largest animal ever to inhabit our planet–has been tracked by researchers since its numbers were perilously close to extinction in the 1960’s. Much of this tracking has been accomplished through underwater monitoring of whale “songs”, which are sung exclusively by male whales. These long, and fairly complex, sonic compositions are believed to be the means by which these whales attract mates. Over the past several years, the world’s blue whales have begun singing a different tune, of…

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Zimbabwe Rhino Poacher Sentenced to 17 Years: Turning Point At Last?

The Masvingo regional court has sentenced a member of the Mazhongwe rhino poaching gang to 17 years in prison for killing an endangered rhino. Justice – at last: Zimbabwe rhino poacher Tichaona Mutyairi has been sentenced to 17 years in jail for killing a rhino and firing on police in October 2009. After years of letting the killers walk free, could this case finally be the turning point in the war against rhino poaching in Zimbabwe?

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2 Rhinos Killed in Kaziranga By Poachers Posing As Park Visitors

Two greater one-horned rhinos were found murdered with their horns missing inside India’s Kaziranga National Park – and authorities believe it was the work of poachers posing as park visitors. Forest guards covering the Agartoli range of Kaziranga National Park have discovered the bodies of a male and female rhino – both with their horns removed. Officials say the killers simply entered the park posing as visitors.

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Oceans Absorbing CO2, Preventing Climate Change — Good, Right? No

As scientists continue to show, the oceans absorb CO2 and keep it from going into the atmosphere. Thus, they help to protect against global climate change. However, this is looking to be perhaps an even bigger problem than climate change! When oceans absorb this CO2, it makes them more and more acidic. “Since the industrial revolution, the ocean acidity has increased by 30%,” according to Lisa Suatoni, Ph.D. If we continue polluting CO2 as we are now, “ocean acidity will…

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Rhinos: 11 Incredible Facts, Plus Photo Gallery

Thanks to rampant poaching and habitat destruction, rhinos have the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most endangered animals on earth. Over the last 30 years, the world’s overall rhinoceros population has declined by over 90% – and if not for dedicated conservation efforts over the last 100 years, it is likely that all rhinoceros species would already be extinct. To help raise awareness for these proud pachyderms, here are 11 incredible facts about rhinos – plus a compilation…

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Bats: 10 Fun Bat Facts, Plus Photo Gallery

Bats may be considered a spooky Halloween mascot, but they are actually one of the most beneficial animals on the planet: 70% of the world’s bat species feed on insects – and one bat can consume up to 1,000 insect pests in an hour. Bats also play a critical role in pollination and seed dispersal. To help raise awareness for bats, here is a compilation of 10 facts about bats – and a diverse photo gallery of bat species celebrating the surprising cuteness of these creatures.

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100 Elephants Killed Daily To Meet Illegal Ivory Demand, Chinese Appetite Whetted

Thanks to the controversial approval of a one-off ivory sale, illegal trade in ivory has been reinvigorated – and 100 elephants a day are being slaughtered. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) approved a one-off elephant ivory auction in 2008 of 119 tons (108 tonnes) – representing over 10,000 dead elephants – and this decision is believed to have stimulated the growing illegal ivory market.

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10 Fascinating Tiger Facts — And Photo Gallery!

Still in the mood for International Tiger Day? Enjoy a photo gallery of gorgeous tigers – and 10 fascinating tiger facts. One day hardly seems like enough for endangered tigers. To celebrate International Tiger Day a bit longer, here is a gallery of gorgeous tiger photos – and ten fascinating tiger facts. Enjoy!

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