solar sheep

Solar Sheep to the Rescue!

Many solar farm designers didn’t plan for the high grasses that would grow up and block precious sunlight from solar panels.  The solution? Solar sheep!  Here’s an eco-business that’s new, different, and in demand.

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urban planning cemetery design

Cemeteries and the Future of Urban Planning

Everybody poops, and everybody dies. Those are two of the most critical things anyone in urban planning has to keep in mind when they’re planning, you know, urbans, because every single human, cat, dog, and horse that will be living in the futuristic utopia they’ve designed will, eventually, poop/die. Pleasant thought, that – but, as we press on towards to a better and more sustainable future filled with rooftop gardens and passive houses, we do actually need to address the…

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Australian Building Codes Mandate Rainwater Harvesting

Access to clean water is becoming increasingly scarce, but in an arid nation like Australia, water is most especially precious. Now many homes across the vast country are beginning to learn just how simple and important it can be to collect their own rainwater. Several areas in the country have even begun requiring rainwater catchment systems for all newly constructed buildings.

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Banktransferlujah!! Money Transfer Action Day!

This Saturday thousands of people around the country are transferring their money from large corporate banks, into small financial institutions, community-oriented cooperatives and credit unions. We’ve been doing this for some time, check out our own Dragonfly’s amazing stealth video during our successful campaign against JP Morgan Chase and their financing of Mountaintop Removal.

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Weatherizing Homes through Air Sealing in the Desert Southwest

There are some basic ideas serving as the universal foundation for weatherizing homes and the first begins with air sealing. For those living in colder regions, there is a need to keep the warmth in and the cold out. In the deserts and other warmer regions, it’s important to keep the heat out while trying to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

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Rwanda Awarded Green Globe Award for Environmental Conservation

When most people visit Rwanda they are very surprised to learn about the country’s focus on the environment. However, Rwanda’s efforts to maintain and improve the earth is a focus of everyone in the country, including President Kagame. From outlawing plastic bags to protecting its national parks for wildlife, Rwanda intends to protect its land, and is now receiving international recognition for its efforts. This was the introduction of an email to me regarding Rwanda recently being awarded a Green…

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Why Biodiversity Matters and What You Can Do on World Environment Day

Fast is not always good. Species are becoming extinct at the fastest rate known in geological history, and most of these extinctions are tied to human activity. This year is the UN Year of Biodiversity and it seems as if in the blink of an eye, we are already half-way through it. This was a year that many of us had long looked forward to, perhaps with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. This was the year we had set…

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2 Rhinos Killed in Kaziranga By Poachers Posing As Park Visitors

Two greater one-horned rhinos were found murdered with their horns missing inside India’s Kaziranga National Park – and authorities believe it was the work of poachers posing as park visitors. Forest guards covering the Agartoli range of Kaziranga National Park have discovered the bodies of a male and female rhino – both with their horns removed. Officials say the killers simply entered the park posing as visitors.

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