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Solar Sheep to the Rescue!

Many solar farm designers didn’t plan for the high grasses that would grow up and block precious sunlight from solar panels.  The solution? Solar sheep!  Here’s an eco-business that’s new, different, and in demand.

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Adelaide Creates World’s First Solar-Powered Public Transit System

Many local communities are looking at ways that they can incorporate green technology into their city’s municipal infrastructure. One impressive success story is the Tindo electric bus in Adelaide, Australia. Although many cities have experimented with using hybrid or electric technology in their public transport systems, this vehicle is the world’s first 100% solar-powered electric bus; and not only is it powered by the sun, but this service is also offered free of charge.

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100% Local, Clean, Cheap Power is Possible Using Renewable Energy

I’ve written in the past about the fact that 100% of the world could be powered from clean, renewable energy. But to get to that 100% target, you need a lot of small 100% targets (i.e. 100% renewable energy for Scotland, for Tokelau, etc.). A report just out yesterday from the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research finds that Minnesota could easily go 100% renewable. Not only that, though — it could use 100% local clean power from solar and wind energy. That’s exciting.

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Denmark Aiming for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

Not quite Scotland’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025, but still a highly ambitious one (relative to other countries), Denmark’s newest renewable energy target proposals aim to have wind supplying it with half of its electricity by 2020, and renewable energy supplying it with ALL of its energy by 2050. And all of its power and heat would come from renewables by 2035.

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South Korea to Build Largest Offshore Wind Farm (in World)

South Korea is a definite cleantech leader. Its cleantech investments per GDP are many, many times more than the US’, or any other country’s I’m aware of. Check out the graphics below on percentage of countries’ stimulus packages that went towards green technology — South Korea is the last pie.

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Romania Home to Large, New Wind Energy Hub

Vestas is the world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines. There are 41,000 Vestas wind turbines in 65 countries around the world, creating approximately 20,000 jobs. Together, they cut CO2 emissions by about 40 million tons every year. Vestas knows wind energy. It recently decided that it would locate its Eastern European wind energy hub in Romania. That means two things: 1) Romania is ripe for some serious wind energy growth, and 2) the country will be sure to get the…

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West Virginia Coal Miners Moving to Solar Industry

West Virginia coal miners have always taken pride in supplying energy to the world. Although their work hours are long and the hazards of the job are many. They reluctantly dig coal to support their families, because there are no other opportunities for these hard working individuals. In a state that is politically controlled by the coal industry, politicians are bought and paid for every election. The campaign funds provided insure that clean energy will not find its way into…

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Obama State of the Union Address 2011 [VIDEO]

  Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address (full text) is important to us all because it is not only a critical reflection on where we stand today, but also on where we’re going, where we need to go, and how we can succeed as a nation (all according to our President and his team, the people with the most power concerning this matter… or who should have the most power concerning this matter). Here are my reflections (and the…

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China’s Ecological Footprint and New Chemical Policies

Everyone’s eyes are on China. It is growing faster than rabbit make babies and it looks to many of us that it is leapfrogging the U.S. and maybe even Europe as well on clean tech. Nonetheless, it still has huge environmental demons. The World Wildlife Federation (WWF), the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), the Global Footprint Network, and China’s Institute of Geographic Sciences and National Resources Research (IGSNRR) created a report recently on China’s Ecological…

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Joel Francis vs. Charles Koch: An Update on the Prop 23 Debate Challenge

So the scenario I imagined yesterday did not come to pass.  No debate. Certainly no muffins. Who would have thought that Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, would ignore Joel Francis’ challenge to debate him on Prop 23 or skip the opportunity to explain why his company is meddling in California’s clean energy future? Joel Francis, California State University, Los Angeles senior, former Marine and debate team veteran, traveled from California to the Koch offices in Wichita, KS yesterday to…

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Joel Francis Offers Prop 23 Challenge: Explain Yourself Mr. Koch

I’m imagining the scenario in my mind’s eye: Joel Francis, the Cal State senior who challenged billionaire Charles Koch to meet him “anytime, anywhere in the state before election day” to debate California’s Prop 23, shows up Tuesday afternoon at the office of Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas. Ding-dong. “Hello?” “Yes, this is Joel Francis, California resident and concerned citizen. On behalf of millions of young Californians, I’m here to talk with Charles about why he is meddling with our…

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