China is Growing Up – Like, Literally

The United States has 9 cities with a population of 1,000,000 or more. China has 140- and that number is growing. China’s cities will not be like Los Angeles or Phoenix, however. Instead of sprawling expanses of suburbs and single family homes that stretch from horizon to horizon, China wants its cities to grow UPWARD rather than outward. Thirty years ago, most people in China were farmers. By 2011, half lived in cities. By 2030 it is estimated one billion…

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Binhai Eco City Plan Transforms Chinese Coast

Founded in 2010 by Danish architect Jens Holm, the New York-based HAO design firm has developed a comprehensive, eco-conscious city planning scheme that would transform the Chinese coastal town of Binhai, Tianjin into one of the world’s most sustainable cities. The 49.2 acre project was designed as part of features a museum campus, an exhibition center and fairgrounds, a sports center/arena, hotels, libraries, and a state-of-the-art financial district that blends perfectly with the area’s natural shore line park. As you…

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Rio+20 Conference Calls for Pollution Action, but Bickering Continues

At the recent United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, New Zealand teenager Brittany Trilfold told the world to stop bickering and focus on protecting the environment better for her future and for the future of the world. Twenty years previously, 12-year-old Severn Cullis-Suzuki had done the exact same thing. This insight from these youth is much-needed advice for the two largest polluting economies in the world, the US and China, but will they listen?

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China’s High-Speed Trains [VIDEOS]

We’ve written on China’s world-record-setting high-speed trains in the past, but I recently ran across these videos and thought they were worth a share. The first one walks you through a ride on one of the country’s bullet trains. Here’s a quote from the YouTube page: Why fly when you can travel the 1000km between Guangzhou (Canton) near Hong Kong to Wuhan – which is halfway up China on the Yangtze River – in about three hours. The journey can…

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What Makes Cities Smart & “10 Smartest Cities on the Planet”

TIME recently featured a video of top U.S. mayors discussing what makes cities smart. If you watch it, you’ll noticed that high-speed rail seems to be a big part of that these days. Interestingly, Fast Company recently had a post on the “10 Smartest Cities on the Planet” as well. Not a bad list it came up with. I’m not a fan of such lists, in theory, since blogs don’t use in any kind of real objective measures to come…

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China’s Ecological Footprint and New Chemical Policies

Everyone’s eyes are on China. It is growing faster than rabbit make babies and it looks to many of us that it is leapfrogging the U.S. and maybe even Europe as well on clean tech. Nonetheless, it still has huge environmental demons. The World Wildlife Federation (WWF), the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), the Global Footprint Network, and China’s Institute of Geographic Sciences and National Resources Research (IGSNRR) created a report recently on China’s Ecological…

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North Should Help South More

A recent study has concluded what many have been saying for years: countries in the “North” (i.e. the U.S., European countries, Canada, etc.) have had a much stronger effect on global climate change than countries in the “South” (i.e. South American countries, Asian countries, and African countries). “We found that the industrialised ‘North’ of the globe has so far been mostly responsible for the rise in carbon emissions. Since carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for around 100 years, it…

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China’s Fastest Train (Fastest Train in World) Now in Operation

I just wrote on the high-speed rail (HSR) network being planned in California earlier today, which will have trains that can travel up to 220 mph (354 kph), bringing people from LA to San Francisco in less than 2.5 hours. While California is planning its network, however, China has already started implementing one, the largest HSR network in the world. It is actually more than halfway done and is now looking to connect it’s HSR network to Europe. Last week,…

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Where’s the World’s Most Painful Commute?

I was just writing earlier on the power of cities and the progressive transportation choices cities can take to turn the world around (environmentally, economically, and otherwise). Looking at this from a different (and perhaps more negative) angle, IBM recently released a global “Commuter Pain Study.”

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Rozae Nichols and Arianna Huffington Share a Launch and a Celebration of Los Angeles Fashion & Culture

Photo Courtesy Ryan Rickett On Wednesday evening,  Barneys New York Fashion Director Julie Gilhart hosted a launch of Rozae Nichols’ new line, IAN, in conjunction with the launch of The Huffington Post’s newest local blog, Los Angeles, under Managing Editor Willow Bay. As one would expect from Barneys in Beverly Hills, it was truly a chic and elegant event, complete with champagne and canapés. Willow Bay, Rozae Nichols, Arianna Huffington and Julie Gilhart sat as a panel and answered questions. In…

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No More Dog and Cat Meat in China?

In an effort to prevent animal abuse, China is taking steps to end a centuries-old tradition.  Recently proposed legislation would outlaw the human consumption or sale of cat and dog meat, often called “fragrant meat,” which is still considered a delicacy in some parts of China. 

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Zimbabwe Rhino Poacher Sentenced to 17 Years: Turning Point At Last?

The Masvingo regional court has sentenced a member of the Mazhongwe rhino poaching gang to 17 years in prison for killing an endangered rhino. Justice – at last: Zimbabwe rhino poacher Tichaona Mutyairi has been sentenced to 17 years in jail for killing a rhino and firing on police in October 2009. After years of letting the killers walk free, could this case finally be the turning point in the war against rhino poaching in Zimbabwe?

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2 Rhinos Killed in Kaziranga By Poachers Posing As Park Visitors

Two greater one-horned rhinos were found murdered with their horns missing inside India’s Kaziranga National Park – and authorities believe it was the work of poachers posing as park visitors. Forest guards covering the Agartoli range of Kaziranga National Park have discovered the bodies of a male and female rhino – both with their horns removed. Officials say the killers simply entered the park posing as visitors.

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