#4 Copenhagen, Denmark: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

Home of the upcoming climate change conference, Copenhagen is #4 in this great bicycle city photo tour series. With about 55% of trips being by bicycle, Copenhagen is an amazing place to visit or live if you like bicycling. The photos to follow give you a taste of this great bicycle city. From dogs on bikes to bikes on bikes, from bikes in ice to bike counters, enjoy these great bicycle photos.

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#5 Paris, France: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

From bicycle lovers to lovers on bikes, bike art to art on bikes, the largest bicycle sharing program in the world to some of the smallest bikers, enjoy this bicycle city photo tour of Paris, France! Paris doesn’t have a long history as one of the best bicycle cities, but with the introduction of the largest bicycle sharing program in the world, bicycling in Paris has boomed and the city is becoming commonly associated with the bicycle now. Its whole…

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Come to the Bike-In Movies

Lately the long foggy nights of summer make me wistfully yearn for the drive-in movies of my youth. Bad movies and sticky salty gooey food were merely condiments for the socializing that was really the main event on so many long ago August nights. Sadly, all of our local Bay Area drive-ins have gone dark years ago; however, this summer in San Francisco we now have something even better, the bike-in movies.

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What is a Good City?

What makes a great city? That was one of the many questions that the visionary former mayor of Bogotá Colombia, Enrique Peñalosa, asked a packed auditorium in San Francisco last night. How do we define a good city, what is our criteria? What makes an urban environment desirable and livable, and how do we judge the quality of life? What is socially and environmentally sustainable?

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SF Bike Plan Unanimously Approved by the MTA Board

Hundreds of ordinary citizens, as well as scores of environmental and bicycle advocates, packed the fourth floor of San Francisco City Hall today for the SFMTA’s hearing on the city’s long-awaited Bike Plan. The Board heard hours of impassioned public comment in support of implementing the city’s desperately needed Bike Network; they voted unanimously this afternoon to approve the Bike Plan EIR and finally adopt the complete Bike Plan.

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Sunday Streets Takes Over the Mission

Thousands of my fellow San Franciscans poured into the beautiful car-free space of the Mission District yesterday for Sunday Streets. The warm sunny day inspired scores of families, bicyclists, dogs, pedestrians, dancers, roller-bladers and skaters to come together and frolic in our city’s public streets. Dancers waiting to perform in the Mission during Sunday Streets Sunday Streets Offers Something for Everyone In addition to celebrating the car-free roads, the massive crowds also enjoyed dozens of various events-everything from dance lessons…

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London Plans Bicycle Sharing Program

London wants to allow cyclists to pick up one of 6,000 bikes at the 400 docking stations planned for the capital by 2010. Londoners will soon be able to hire bikes in the centre of town for short journeys, under plans announced this week by the mayor, Boris Johnson.

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Innovate or Die: Aquaduct Water Filtration Tricycle

Over a billion of our fellow world citizens do not have access to clean drinking water. Over three million people die annually as a result of waterborne diseases, making them the leading cause of death on our planet. Often when clean water is available, it is located miles away and takes hours and much effort to transport. A new tricycle has been invented that could potentially help to solve some of these life-threatening problems.

The Aquaduct is pedal-powered vehicle that transports, filters, and stores water. It is the winning design in the “Innovate or Die” contest, which asked people to create pedal-powered solutions to help combat climate change. The progressive contest was sponsored by Specialized Bicycles, Google and Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

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