Kenyan Hip-Hop Video on Bicycling & CO2/Climate Change [VIDEO]

Did someone say totally awesome video? I did. And apparently some others, as this hip hop group of Kenyan teenagers from the slums of Nairobi, Wafalme, won the “1 minute to save the world” video contest. “Most of us just sit and wait for the governments to take action about climate change,” one of the filmmakers, Dickson Oyugi, said. “Wafalme instead think that together we can, with small actions in our daily life, make a difference. The most simple and…

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Pedal-Powered Snow Plow [VIDEO]

Yes, that is the sh**. If you’re facing a lot of snow still or face it again anytime in the future, this pedal-powered snow plow looks like a good way to clear needed areas around your house or along important transportation corridors in your neighborhood. Clean, fun, and cool. This work doesn’t need to be a solo effort. Apparently, waiting too long for the city to clear their bike networks, members of Bike Pittsburgh! organized a snow-clearing party and made…

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World-Leading Sustainable Community in Germany: Vauban District

The Vauban district is a green, planned community in the city of Freiburg in southern Germany. Construction of this community began in the mid-1990s and opened in 2000. By 2001, it had 2,000 inhabitants living in a greener, more sustainable way. Now, the Vauban district is said to have 5,000 inhabitants and 600 jobs. A recently article I ran across highlights the green features of this community and I thought I’d share some of that here. “The Vauban district was…

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CicLAvia 2011 Will Be in April, July, AND October

CicLAvia 2011 (that would be Ciclovia in Los Angeles) will be held three times this year, according to… CicLAvia. “The route will be more-or-less the same as 10-10-10, with expansion to South L.A., Boyle Heights, and/or Chinatown as CicLAvia works with these communities and gets the new extensions ready and permitted – most likely in October,” for those interested in the actual details. What is CicLAvia or Ciclovia? If you’re not familiar with it, Ciclovia, which started in Columbia, literally translates…

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Bicyclist Helmet Cam Captures Bad Driving & Assault [VIDEO]

. Having trouble with nasty drivers or want to make sure that if you do, you have proof of it? Or just want to document your ride to work objectively? Add a camera to your bicycle helmet. That’s what more and more cyclists seem to be doing, and it can pay off. You can see in the video above, that some pretty hot stuff is already being captured on camera. If more and more cyclists started doing this, I think…

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Portlandia: Where the Tattoo Ink Never Runs Dry

  One of my new favorite things is Portlandia, a six part comedy series on IFC that lovingly skewers the fictional inhabitants of Portland Oregon. The original skits mock everything from self-righteous vegans, bicyclists and crazed militant feminists, to entitled clueless rich white people and even our culture’s preconceptions about gender roles. Portland Oregon is a fantastic town. It is very well designed, full of beautiful trees and mass transit, and it is also incredibly bicycle-friendly and progressive. I have…

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North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2011 Preview – BikeRadar

BikeRadar recently previewed the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Looks like a cool event. Here’s more: The seventh annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show is set to kick off February 25-27 in Austin, Texas and even though the event is still several weeks out, it’s already shaping up to the biggest and grandest iteration to date. According to show founder and director Don Walker, there are currently 150 exhibitors registered from around the globe including longtime industry icons such as…

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Dutch Improving Cycle Networks, Building Fast Cycle Lanes

The Dutch are already well-known for having the best bicycle facilities in the world (well, there is a bit of competition between the Netherlands and Denmark, but the two nations are clearly on top of the world when it comes to this matter). Now, the Dutch are actually planning to improve their cycle networks with some faster, high-quality, high-capacity cycle routes. Here’s more from BikeRadar (full repost): In a bid to persuade citizens to switch to pedal power for their…

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Viva la Bicicleta

I just came across this hilarious and clever video about the many benefits of bike transportation on a polish blog, This is the first of two commercials that were created for a school project to promote the use of bicycles. Wit and humor are used quite effectively to show just how simple, sustainable and unproblematic bicycle transport is. I am pretty sure everyone in the video is speaking Dutch, but not exactly sure what is being said. Are there…

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EcoLocalizer Link Drop

New Transit Projects for 2011   A comprehensive list of transit projects scheduled to start construction or open in 2011. “Streetcar lines dominate the nation’s new transit construction landscape, but this year only light and commuter rail lines will open for service.” NYC Tries ‘Rapid’ Buses in Bid to Cut Transit Costs   The city’s much-maligned bus system is getting a face-lift. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) surprised commuters on Manhattan’s East Side last fall by launching shiny stretch coaches…

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How Much is Bicycling Worth to the Economy? $1.5 Billion/Year in Wisconsin

We’re bicycling fans here on Ecolocalizer. Have you noticed? Why? Because it’s good for everything: our health, the livability of cities, the efficiency of our cities, equitable access to key needs, and the economy. Here’s more on that last part, the economy, from the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin: Investment in a more bicycle friendly Wisconsin pays off. A 2010 study conducted at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that bicycling contributes $1.5 billion to Wisconsin’s…

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NYC Doctors Ask for Better Bike Infrastructure

What are the biggest benefits of bicycling? Of course, there are the environmental benefits and the fact that bicycling is many times cheaper than driving or even riding transit. One more obvious benefit, however, is that it is great for our health.  A number of doctors and other health professionals, approximately 150 of them, recently pushed for Mayor Bloomberg to continue promoting bicycling and improving the bicycle infrastructure network in New York City to capitalize more on these health benefits.…

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Bicycling Boom in North America

Bicycling in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other big North American cities has increased a few times over (or more) in the past couple of decades. And with more people cycling, more people get the urge to cycle, especially with health, environmental, and economic problems the way they are these days, so I wouldn’t expect the trend to slow down any time soon. NPR reports: “It’s almost like a snowball effect,” says researcher John Pucher of Rutgers University.…

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Bicycle-Friendly University Award System

The League of American Bicyclists has had a Bicycle Friendly Community program going for years, as well as newer Bicycle Friendly Business and Bicycle Friendly State programs. Now, the League is adding one more, a Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) program. The program was actually officially launched in September at the annual Pro-walk/Pro-bike conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But now, the BFU application has just been released (and the race begins). College campuses tend to be much more bike-friendly than most places…

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