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Can You Help Find a Good Home for Max?


Many thousands of families have lost their homes and jobs due to our nation’s dire economic situation, which has also resulted in people being forced to give up untold numbers of beloved pets for adoption. Max is one of many rescued dogs in need of a loving family to help take care of him; he is a feisty mini Bull Terrier who is presently in Oregon. Can you help to find him a good home?

Green Renaissance: Helping Nature to Fight Back


This inspiring image of a bicycle-powered lawn mower drifted through my social media stream today. The pedal-powered idea is so simple and beautiful, it is utterly genius. The photo came from a South African film production company called Green Renaissance; the organization specializes in working with non-profits and other environmentally conscious businesses interested in promoting nature conservation and sustainability.

Beavers Help Clean Up Storm Damage in Northwest


In rural Eatonville Washington last week’s storm damage was so extreme that the local animal preserve, Northwest Trek Wildlife, has been forced to close until next month. The park is over 700 acres, and is home to hundreds of different creatures that are native to the Pacific Northwest. Everyone, including this industrious female beaver, is coming together to help clean up the destruction.

Beaver are the Sustainable Water Management Solution


Not long ago tens of millions of beavers flourished across the Pacific Northwest. Much of Eastern Washington, which is now largely a dry desert, was then a moist wetland oasis, thanks to the work of the many resident beavers. Unfortunately for the beaver, and for all other life in the region, in the 19th century a massive beaver genocide was intentionally perpetrated by the short-sighted Hudson Bay Trading Company. But despite the systematic slaughter of millions of the hard-working creatures, beavers are now beginning to make a slow resurgence in Washington, thanks in part to a little help from the “Beaver Solution”.

Life Nature You (VIDEO)


Someone from Vimeo recently reached out to us and suggested we publish this cool video (below) on EcoLocalizer. The short story: a young girl decides to create a miniature nature reserve in her front yard to protect the animals that live there from the lawnmower. (Yeah, I think there’s a good chance she’ll grow up to be an environmental activist or scientist.)

Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Only Eat Meat that He has Killed Himself


Billionaire Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that this year he has started a personal challenge to only eat meat that he has killed himself. From lobsters and chickens to pigs and goats, he has vowed not to eat any meat from an animal that he has not personally rendered.

Zuckerberg has embraced the economics of more sustainable localized food production; he decided that if he is going to eat animals, that butchering his own meat locally made the most sense to him. He explained a bit about his new insight into food and agriculture:

Trouble in Farm City, and How You Can Help


Urban farmer extraordinaire, Novella Carpenter, has recently hit a wall of bureaucracy with the city of Oakland that threatens the very existence of her small farm.

Carpenter is the author of the popular and engaging book “Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer”, and has been raising food on an open parcel of land that she owns in Oakland. She was informed by local officials that growing vegetables on an empty city lot is illegal, and furthermore, raising livestock without a $2500 Conditional Use Permit, (she has chickens, goats, rabbits, and at one time had two pigs) is also illegal. I would argue that a lot with a farm on it is not empty, but that’s just my own twisted logic.



The ants arrived in my kitchen the other day, a thin line trailing by the compost to the water filter. I ignored them for a day or two, hoping that I could avoid dealing with it, so, of course, the line turned into a highway, and small groups of scouts headed out across the walls, […]