Beavers Help Clean Up Storm Damage in Northwest

In rural Eatonville Washington last week’s storm damage was so extreme that the local animal preserve, Northwest Trek Wildlife, has been forced to close until next month. The park is over 700 acres, and is home to hundreds of different creatures that are native to the Pacific Northwest. Everyone, including this industrious female beaver, is coming together to help clean up the destruction.

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Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Only Eat Meat that He has Killed Himself

Billionaire Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced that this year he has started a personal challenge to only eat meat that he has killed himself. From lobsters and chickens to pigs and goats, he has vowed not to eat any meat from an animal that he has not personally rendered.

Zuckerberg has embraced the economics of more sustainable localized food production; he decided that if he is going to eat animals, that butchering his own meat locally made the most sense to him. He explained a bit about his new insight into food and agriculture:

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Trouble in Farm City, and How You Can Help

Urban farmer extraordinaire, Novella Carpenter, has recently hit a wall of bureaucracy with the city of Oakland that threatens the very existence of her small farm.

Carpenter is the author of the popular and engaging book “Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer”, and has been raising food on an open parcel of land that she owns in Oakland. She was informed by local officials that growing vegetables on an empty city lot is illegal, and furthermore, raising livestock without a $2500 Conditional Use Permit, (she has chickens, goats, rabbits, and at one time had two pigs) is also illegal. I would argue that a lot with a farm on it is not empty, but that’s just my own twisted logic.

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EU: Cloning Farm Animals & Livestock Not Allowed, Cloning Fighting Bulls and Racehorses Fine

Good news coming out of the European Union (EU) recently is that it is proposing a 5-year ban on the cloning of farm animals and livestock. However, the EU is fine with other animals being cloned, including sports animals like racehorses and fighting bulls. Why is it ok to clone these animals? Who knows, really, but the reason why the ban is so limited is considered to be due to politics. “Sadly, it would seem that the political will simply…

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Ancestors of Mammals May Have Survived Largest Mass-Extinction in History in Antarctica

The largest mass-extinction in the world is considered to have happened about 252 million years ago due to quick global warming or climate change. A new study shows how some ancestors of mammals are believed to have survived this mass-extinction. Jörg Fröbisch and Kenneth Angielczyk from The Field Museum along with Christian Sidor from the University of Washington have recently identified the fossil remains of such a species in Antarctica.

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14,000km Dragonfly Migration Discovered, Longest of Any Insect

A remarkable dragonfly migration stretching between 14,000 and 18,000 kilometers has been discovered which spans the Indian Ocean. The migration is by far the longest known insect migration, dwarfing the 7,000km journey of monarch butterflies. Millions of dragonflies make the epic migration every year, which spans from India to the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mozambique, Uganda and back again. Perhaps the only thing more amazing than the migration is that it has somehow dodged scientific discovery until now. “This just illustrates…

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24 Tigers Killed in Panna Tiger Reserve – None Left

One of India’s main tiger parks, Panna Tiger Reserve, has admitted that it has no tigers left. Just three years ago the park had at least 24 tigers, but park officials have been either unable or unwilling to protect the animals from poaching. Even more discouraging, Panna is now the second tiger reserve in India where numbers have dwindled to zero.

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Giant Spiders Could Be a Result of Global Warming

Scientists studying northeastern Greenland’s hairy, meat-eating wolf spiders have discovered every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. It appears that as the Earth has been warming and summers have been getting longer, the 8-legged hunters have been steadily growing larger and more numerous. And it’s likely that other creepy-crawly species around the world could be growing larger too.

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Stephen Colbert Has New Species Named After Him

Researchers at Arizona State Univerity and the University of New Mexico have named a Venezuelan diving beetle Agaporomorphus colberti in honor of the humorist. One of the outstanding features of the species is the genitalia of the males. “This new species is similar to members of a clade within the genus exemplified by A. knischi…and unique in having similar, extremely complicated male genitalia…”

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ZapRoot: Cow Urine Soda

In India, the Hindu political group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha will soon market cow urine soda as a health elixir. From our friends at ZapRoot.

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