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Denmark Aiming for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

Not quite Scotland’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025, but still a highly ambitious one (relative to other countries), Denmark’s newest renewable energy target proposals aim to have wind supplying it with half of its electricity by 2020, and renewable energy supplying it with ALL of its energy by 2050. And all of its power and heat would come from renewables by 2035.

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Romania Home to Large, New Wind Energy Hub

Vestas is the world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines. There are 41,000 Vestas wind turbines in 65 countries around the world, creating approximately 20,000 jobs. Together, they cut CO2 emissions by about 40 million tons every year. Vestas knows wind energy. It recently decided that it would locate its Eastern European wind energy hub in Romania. That means two things: 1) Romania is ripe for some serious wind energy growth, and 2) the country will be sure to get the…

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Africa Getting its First Giant Wind Farm

Four Cape Verde islands have just been granted funding to build Africa’s first giant wind farm. The project is being considered a model for other African countries. The European Investment Bank (EIB) and African Development Bank (AfDB) agreed last week to give 45 million euros ($62.84 million) “to design, build, and operate” this onshore wind energy project. The EIB will provide two-thirds of that and the ADB the other one third. The total project cost is 65 million euros, so…

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Largest Offshore Wind Farm in World Completed in UK

Since I’m on a renewable energy in Europe kick this week, thought I’d share one more piece of good news. The largest offshore wind farm in the world was launched in the UK last week. This $1.2 billion wind farm, called the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, consists of 100 V90 wind turbines from Danish wind energy giant Vestas. These wind turbines will create enough power for 200,000 homes (300 MW of power). They increase the UK’s wind energy capacity 30% and…

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Denmark & Germany Next to Announce Big Renewable Energy Targets & Possibilities

Yes, more European countries are showing that they are very serious about addressing climate change, while the U.S. does,.. well,.. not much. It was just the other I wrote about Northern Ireland and Scotland‘s big renewable energy targets. I’ve got more good news out of Europe. Germany’s 2050 Renewable Energy Target — 60% Germany, has set a goal of getting 60% of energy from renewable resources by 2050. While a study from the Federal Environment Agency a few months ago…

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Ecovillage Spotlight: Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland

Ecovillages are great habitats and support systems for people who want to live environmentally friendlier, happier, healthier lives. One of the most famous modern ecovillages, Findhorn Ecovillage, starts this ecovillage spotlight series. Ecovillages often combine ecological planning and design with innovative social, political and/or economic systems. Additionally, they often include certain cultural or spiritual goals. The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) states, “Ecovillages are urban or rural communities of people, who strive to integrate a supportive social environment with a low-impact…

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Nanotechnology to aid the commercial viability of Algal Bio-fuel Production

The algae! Yes – the same slimy brown-green ‘plant’ that makes a pond or a lake look yucky – is the creating a great buzz as the most promising source of alternative energy. And now nanotechnology is being leveraged to add some more zing to the promise! Algae are some of the simplest of the living organisms and can’t even be classified as plants as they lack any differentiation into various structures such as leaves, roots or other organs that characterize a…

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Biofuel from Canal Algae to Power Venice by 2011

It’s plentiful, it’s homegrown, and it could help clean up the environment while powering our cities. The idea of transforming algae into a fuel is a reality. Nowadays there are numerous implementations of algae into the renewable energy market.

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Five Tasty, Eco-Friendly Beers – Just in Time for St Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just a week away. Let’s celebrate with some real green beer! Americans age 21 and older go through about 5 pints of beer per week. That adds up to over 30 gallons of beer per year! We spend $4 billion dollars on beer just on St. Patrick’s Day alone. That is a lot of beer! Imagine the difference it would make if we stuck to brews from these folks, who are doing their best to produce…

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Debunking the Clean Coal Myth

This is Reality has a new TV spot directed by The Coen Brothers. Check it: “Clean coal is supported by the coal industry. The most trusted name in coal!” There is no such thing as “clean coal” in the U.S. today. Coal is responsible for 32% of CO2 emissions in this country and 83% of the CO2 emissions from producing our electricity. In theory, we could retrofit this nation’s coal plants to capture their pollution and store it. Here is…

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Energy Generating Speed Bumps Get Green Light in London

Moving vehicles will generate electricity for street lights and road signs in a London trial. “Green” speed bumps that will generate electricity as cars drive over them are to be introduced on Britain’s roads. The hi-tech “sleeping policemen” will power street lights, traffic lights and road signs in a pilot scheme in London that could be rolled out nationwide. Speed bumps have long been the bane of motorists’ lives, but these will capture the kinetic energy of vehicles.

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Talking Sustainability with Scott Kellogg

Last night, Scott Kellogg from the Rhizome Collective spoke at Charis Books in Little Five Points. He talked about permaculture and taking back the word sustainability. [Creative Commons photo by Chad Hanna] Marketers and large corporations have co-opted the word sustainability to sell products. It’s come to mean expensive bamboo counter tops and organic cotton bedding. We need to take back that word to its original meaning. Sustainability is living within your means. It’s closing the waste cycle and finding…

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