Ujamaa: Cooperative Economics on the Fourth Day of Kwanzaa

Today is the fourth day of the Kwanzaa season, when we all join to celebrate the principle of Ujamaa, focusing on the important economic benefits garnered from working together. The principle highlighted on today’s holiday encourages people to seize the means of production and create our own new innovative community based business models.

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More Illegally Dumped Radioactive Waste Found on Somalia’s Coast

Yesterday the BBC reported that radiation levels at the crippled Fukushima reactor site are ten million times normal levels. As the oceans near the damaged nuclear plant are becoming contaminated with increasing amounts of nuclear radiation, concerns are growing about how much radioactive poison the planet’s seas can withstand.

However, although it is not receiving anywhere near as much attention as the unfolding disaster in Japan, the massive amounts of illegally dumped radioactive nuclear waste that are still being thrown into Somalia’s oceans potentially could prove to be an even more deadly catastrophe.

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Kalahari Bushmen Fighting for Their Rights

Kalahari Bushmen live in a world we do not understand. They can live in an environment their whole life that we could not survive in for just a few days. Yet local and international government officials have discounted their quality of life and put them in more and more unwanted situations, threatening not only their culture but their lives. I recently wrote about the Kalahari Bushmen on, briefly touching on a struggle to retain and regain writes regarding living…

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Africa Getting its First Giant Wind Farm

Four Cape Verde islands have just been granted funding to build Africa’s first giant wind farm. The project is being considered a model for other African countries. The European Investment Bank (EIB) and African Development Bank (AfDB) agreed last week to give 45 million euros ($62.84 million) “to design, build, and operate” this onshore wind energy project. The EIB will provide two-thirds of that and the ADB the other one third. The total project cost is 65 million euros, so…

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Zimbabwe Rhino Poacher Sentenced to 17 Years: Turning Point At Last?

The Masvingo regional court has sentenced a member of the Mazhongwe rhino poaching gang to 17 years in prison for killing an endangered rhino. Justice – at last: Zimbabwe rhino poacher Tichaona Mutyairi has been sentenced to 17 years in jail for killing a rhino and firing on police in October 2009. After years of letting the killers walk free, could this case finally be the turning point in the war against rhino poaching in Zimbabwe?

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Thank You, & Copenhagen Conclusions

To all of the people who had the goals and made the effort to bring positive change to the world in Copenhagen, here is one humungous thank you. Everybody who worked on addressing this critical issue of human-accelerated and potentially catastrophic climate change deserves a hand of support right now, especially since what was agreed on in the final hour is quite a disappointment. Of course, some important movement was made, but some important targets and objectives were also completely…

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Rhinos: 11 Incredible Facts, Plus Photo Gallery

Thanks to rampant poaching and habitat destruction, rhinos have the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most endangered animals on earth. Over the last 30 years, the world’s overall rhinoceros population has declined by over 90% – and if not for dedicated conservation efforts over the last 100 years, it is likely that all rhinoceros species would already be extinct. To help raise awareness for these proud pachyderms, here are 11 incredible facts about rhinos – plus a compilation…

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100 Elephants Killed Daily To Meet Illegal Ivory Demand, Chinese Appetite Whetted

Thanks to the controversial approval of a one-off ivory sale, illegal trade in ivory has been reinvigorated – and 100 elephants a day are being slaughtered. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) approved a one-off elephant ivory auction in 2008 of 119 tons (108 tonnes) – representing over 10,000 dead elephants – and this decision is believed to have stimulated the growing illegal ivory market.

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Safest & Least Safe Countries to Live in

A new report by Maplecroft, a world leader in global risk assesment, lists the countries at the greatest and the least risk of climate change problems. The new study examined 166 countries in total. With climate change, it is hard to guess who will be hit the worst, but here is one scientific attempt at ranking the countries’ vulnerability to climate change.

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11 Cool Facts About Pangolins

Pangolins – scaly, toothless anteaters that resemble a giant walking artichoke – are being hunted to near extinction in Southeast Asia to meet the demands of illegal trade in pangolin meat and body parts in China. To help raise awareness of these gentle creatures, here is a list of 11 cool facts about pangolins. Enjoy!

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Vultures Killed and Sold as Roasted Chicken

A disturbing incident in Eket, Nigeria reveals that unsuspecting roadside barbecue patrons may have been eating vulture meat instead of chicken. Hungry buyers tempted by the scrumptious sizzle of meat cooking over a charcoal fire may want to think twice before buying a snack from one of these outdoor roasting vendors. What they think is chicken could actually be … vulture.

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Elephant CSI: Using DNA to Help Fight Poaching

Comparing DNA from seized ivory to an elephant DNA database is revealing new information on how poaching syndicates and illegal dealers are operating. The development of a DNA forensics technique may prove to be a valuable weapon in the bloody war against elephant poaching. According to BBC News, Professor Sam Wasser of the Center or Conservation Biology at the University of Washington is fighting back against these criminals using DNA collected from elephant dung and ivory to expose poaching hotspots.

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