This Map Shows The World’s Longest Walks

This map was created by to help boost awareness around rising global Co2 levels. With 3.06 Trillion miles driven in the US every year and 316 billion miles driven in the UK. Reducing this by even 5% would save 20,349,000 Tonnes of Co2 in the US plus 21,014 Tonnes in the UK annually.

Considering these super steppers can make it around the globe, ditching the car for short trips is a fabulous and easy way to positively impact the environment. Literally every step helps.

For the first time, this society of stamina walkers has had their paths memorialised through artful illustration shown below.

Worlds Longest Walks



We all know we should walk more. In fact, while you should be getting about 10,000 steps in a day, the average person walks just 7,500. Still, at that rate, you can actually walk around the world 5 times in your lifetime. And some have actually done it. In fact, some people have pushed their ability to walk to the limits and embarked on impressive epic walks that span continents and even the globe. Your feet can take you anywhere, or in the case of walkers like Jean Beliveau, Dave Kunst, Rosie Swale-Pope, George Meegan, and Steven Newman, everywhere.

Jean Beliveau – Jean Beliveau began his walk on August 18th, 2011, after his neon sign business in Canada failed. 11 years, 64 countries, and 75,000 kilometers later, a kidnapping, and an encounter with a puma later, and Jean completed his walk in Montreal, Canada.

Dave Kunst – Dave Kunst’s walk around the earth is a mixture of adventure, tragedy, and a testament to human achievement. Dave began his walk on June 20, 1970 with his brother, only to be beset by tragedy as his brother was shot and killed by bandits, and he himself wounded. Dave later returned to his walk, completing his 32,258 km journey on October 5th, 1974. He claims to have taken 20 million steps and worn out 21 pairs of shoes in his epic journey.

Rosie Swale-Pope – On October 2nd, 2003 Rosie took off from her hometown in Tenby, Wales, and proceeded to run around the world. Her journey was made in support of the Prostate Cancer Charity and an orphanage in Kitezh, Russia, and began on her 57th birthday. Rosie ran 32,000 kilometers over 5 years, and pulled a cart almost the entire way, completing her journey at age 62.

George Meegan – George Meegan holds the record for the longest unbroken walk in history. His 30,608 km trek was undertaken over 5 years, between 1977 and 1983, during which time Meegan broke 8 world records, was the first to traverse the Darien Gap, was shot at, visited Jimmy Carter, and eventually married his sweetheart, whom he met in Japan.

Steven Newman – Steve Newman completed the first documented solo walk around the world. His trip began in April 1983, during which time he successfully walked through 5 continents and 21 countries, ending his journey in 1987 after having walked 24,140 kilometers.

While from different parts of the globe, with different motivations, these walkers all have one thing in common. They successfully walked around the world (or nearly so) in their lifetime.

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Fuel calculations based on 6.73 mpL. 1L of fuel producing 2.3 kg of Co2:

Annual miles driven in US:

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Steven Newman Route:

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