Are You Really Safe Online in 2019?

In conclusion, the advent of the internet and the development of portable personal mobile
technology has generally been a positive addition to all of our lives.

This modern technology affords us constant access to information around the clock, enhances
our telecommunications with one another and even enriches the entertainment available to us at
the touch of button. These technological advances can also expose us to the real danger of
external surveillance by a variety of actors every single day.

As outlined in the article, the potential for interference and monitoring, from State Agencies to
other organisations, will continue to be a major cause for concern into 2019.

To effectively counter the potential of being the victim of spying, phone hacking or intricate surveillance, follow
some if not all of the advice contained within the article.

Following certain procedures will help protect you from unwanted snoopers, from disabling
webcams and microphones on your smart tv and laptop or telephone to never opening unsolicited emails or
untrustworthy websites and switching off unwanted location sharing on your phone and other

By remaining vigilant and on top of safeguards, you will keep yourself safe this year.
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