Are You Really Safe Online in 2019?

In conclusion, the advent of the internet and the development of portable personal mobile technology has generally been a positive addition to all of our lives. This modern technology affords us constant access to information around the clock, enhances our telecommunications with one another and even enriches the entertainment available to us at the touch of button. These technological advances can also expose us to the real danger of external surveillance by a variety of actors every single day. As…

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5 Signs of VoIP Hacking

5 Signs Your VoIP System Is Doing Something That You Don’t Know About

To sum up, many households and businesses choose VoIP communication systems because they are a low-cost, efficient and feature-rich alternative to traditional telephone systems. Their modern technology offers a variety of new benefits that ease and streamline communication. Still, these new benefits of VoIP systems don’t come without the risks associated with using the Internet as the foundation of your communications. As mentioned in the article, hacking is one of the biggest problems for any Internet-user, but this problem becomes…

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Pro's and Con's of VOiP

Is It Better To Get VoIP or a Landline Phone?

Let’s recap. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the low-cost alternative to traditional telephone systems. Essentially, VoIP consists of phone calls, video calls, and messaging made over an Internet connection as part of your broadband package which allows you to bundle and substantially lower your business communication expenses. VoIP also offers newer technology and user-friendly features that give them an edge over traditional systems by streamlining and opening up ways to elevate your communication. As a result, it’s not…

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Top 5 VoIP Apps

5 Free VoIP Apps That Will Save You Time & Money

As modern technology develops further, our lives become increasingly interconnected through improved communication channels using VoIP that allows us to stay in touch, work and remain accessible from any time and place in the world. Applications that employ VoIP give you access to instant, versatile and free communication from an Internet connection. VoIP Apps also provide a wide range of benefits that have transformed them into a staple in our everyday personal and professional lives, from conversations with friends to…

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Worlds Longest Walks

This Map Shows The World’s Longest Walks

This map was created by to help boost awareness around rising global Co2 levels. With 3.06 Trillion miles driven in the US every year and 316 billion miles driven in the UK. Reducing this by even 5% would save 20,349,000 Tonnes of Co2 in the US plus 21,014 Tonnes in the UK annually. Considering these super steppers can make it around the globe, ditching the car for short trips is a fabulous and easy way to positively impact the…

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Solar profitability

Solar Panels More Profitable In 2010, or Now? (Data Graphs)

While the FIT rate has dropped dramatically, the cost of installation has fallen even more. As a result, solar installations in the UK remain profitable, and competitively so. In fact, installers are better off now than they were in 2010, with a 41.3p/kWh FIT rate.   Rate of Return Change 2010-2016 Original image released free under creative commons with attribution to In February of 2016, the FIT rate dropped some 65% for solar installers, with the locked-in rate changing…

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How much do solar panels cost in the UK?

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in The UK? [InfoGraphic]

This infographic was created by Ollie Smith using ExpertSure’s solar panel cost data. It answers the most burning question on the mind of anyone looking to install solar panels, with accurate cost data from a survey of UK suppliers, and calculations on how much Co2 you can save by taking the plunge.   Please share this graphic on your website!  Released under the SS by SA creative commons.   In January, 2017, most UK homeowners saw a 10% hike in energy…

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Celebrity Credit Cards

The Rich and Famous: What Credit Cards Do They Carry?

Business owners who take payments using a credit card machine must occasionally look up to be staring in the face of a famous celebrity, film star or political powerhouse. After all, celebrities need to do the shopping too. Unless you are Donald Trump that is, who reports he doesn’t carry a wallet anywhere. This fun infographic shows what credit cards the rich and famous carry. Infographic created by ExpertSure   Do you like this infographic? Don’t gorget to share on…

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Most important business machines

The 12 Most Important Business Machines In History

This fun and inspiring list created by ExpertSure shows how 12 business machines helped create the commercial world we live and breathe today. From the simple hand axe taking advantage of elemental physics up to the computer and space faring rockets. What would you add to this list? Leave your comments below.     Top related content from ExpertSure Credit Card Machine Guide for Small UK Businesses Compare The Top Mobile & Portable PDQ Machines for Your Business How Much…

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Global solar capacity per capita

Global Solar Installed Capacity Per Capita [InfoGraphic]

Solar power has been available for over a century but it’s only in the last few decades that it has become affordable for everyone to install. Today, solar panels allow everyone from homeowners to multi-national companies to generate power from the sun, which can then be used to power anything regular coal-generated electric can. However, while solar panel costs have fallen by over 50% in the last 10 years alone, not everywhere is embracing solar with the same open arms.…

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