The Story of Solutions: Why Bigger is Not Better

For five years Annie Leonard and the folks from the innovative Story of Stuff Project have been creating compact educational videos explaining complicated ideas in a very accessible and easy to understand format. One of their most recent short films, The Story of Solutions, is perhaps the most hopeful and inspiring in the series.

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First US Wild Foods and Medicinals Market to Open in Asheville NC

Beautiful Asheville, North Carolina is famous for many things, including its bountiful array of diverse foraged edibles and medicinal plants; our region is now taking eating wild one step further by opening the first entirely wild crafting public market in the US. The upcoming weekly market will include vendors selling edible and medicinal mushrooms, plants.

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Rachel Maddow Viewers Proven Most Informed by Pew Research Poll

The Rachel Maddow Show is one of my primary sources for reliable information, and my devotion to the intelligent cable news show appears to be well founded. A new study released by the Pew Research Center, “In Changing News Landscape, Even Television is Vulnerable: Trends in News Consumption: 1991-2012”, has shown that the viewers of the Rachel Maddow Show are the best informed of everyone who participated in their survey.

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The American Dream is a Lie: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

One of the most significant books published this year is Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, a gripping graphic novel reportage mix which skillfully exposes the extreme exploitation and poverty that flourishes on the disenfranchised burned out edges of our nation. This brutal compelling work is a collaboration between Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, and the revolutionary cartoonist and foreign correspondent, Joe Sacco.

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Sandor Katz’s Delicious, Beautiful & Inspiring Art of Fermentation

Sandor Katz’s The Art of Fermentation is a handsome hard cover volume which provides many easy to understand recipes explaining how to make everything from succulent sauerkraut, pickles and beer, to sourdough bread, cheese and tofu. However, this great work is also much more than just a cookbook. This essential reference book delves into fermentation concepts and food history from around the world, and explains relevant scientific concepts, like how bacterial cultures work.

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Promoting a Culture of Sharing: Free Mini Public Libraries

There are few things more beautiful than a public library — a shared community space that encourages study, reading books and borrowing information — such fountains of free knowledge greatly improve our society and our world. Recently many small libraries have been springing up in somewhat unexpected places, from local public parks and urban sidewalks to city phone booths.

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Repair Cafes Build Community & Promote Locally Based Sustainability

At Amsterdam’s busy Repair Café crowds of different people come to the community center with various items that are not working properly — the broken objects will be repaired for free by volunteers who love to fix things, as well as teach others how to make simple repairs. The social environment the cafe creates not only enables individuals to divert waste, share their knowledge, develop skills and save resources, but also helps to strengthen local communities and foster meaningful connections among neighbors and strangers.

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Delhi’s Multi-Pronged Citizen Eco-Awareness Campaign

Delhiites joined billions of people around the world in Earth Day celebrations with fervor and fan-fare. Significant credit goes to Delhi Government’s valiant efforts to create eco-awareness amongst its citizens. Delhi Government has adopted a multi-pronged approach as generating awareness and creating change through awareness campaigns is a slow process.

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What is Food Justice? 5 Short Films from Shalini Kantayya Help Explain

In these short films we meet Malik Yakini, a man who is part of the creation of inner-city organic farms in Detroit, and Kandace Vallejo, a youth organizer and educator on food injustice. We are also introduced to Jenga Mwendo, who is helping devlope community gardens in the ninth ward of New Orleans, Haile Johnston, a social entrepreneur working on food access in Philadelphia, and Braham Ahmadi, who works on community food justice issues in Oakland.

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