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A New Day, and a New Direction for EcoLocalizer

Since 2008, “think globally, act locally” has been EcoLocalizer’s tagline, and we’ve tried to cover a number of important topics – from human rights to income inequality – that make a difference in all our lives. What we discovered, sadly, was that we simply didn’t have the manpower to cover everything we felt passionately about. In addition, a number of our articles prompted readers to ask “How is that Eco? How is that local?” More often than not, they had…

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Zero Packaging Grocery Stores are Increasingly Popular

As our landfills overflow and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch grows, some good news is that zero packaging grocery stores are spreading across the globe; from Germany to Colorado, more people can buy locally grown food in bulk without wasteful packaging.

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Fighting for Equality: Female Sports and Saudi Arabia

Some countries consider woman to be “eternal minors in need of a male guardianship”, and prevent females from equally partaking in society, as well as in sports; though a handful of brave girls are now fighting back to challenge this discrimination.

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Need for Immigration Reform Being Underlined in Blood

Two months ago 15 people drowned trying to cross the border, after the Spanish military police shot rubber bullets at the frightened and exhausted, people. As untold numbers perish trying to flee to safety, the desperate need for immigration reform continues to be written in the blood of these dead refugees.

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Rev. Billy and Church of Stop Shopping: Our Colony Collapse?

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping were in San Francisco recently; they spoke of a yawning deadly silence surrounding climate change, why it is so very important to engage with one another and loudly address this life threatening issue in public now.

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Toxic Paris Smog is Choking Us All

The Eiffel Tower disappeared last week, hidden beneath an opaque layer of filthy Paris smog. Temporary measures have been instituted to limit more air pollution, but why don’t we prevent these problems from ever occurring?

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Message in a Bottle: the Method Method

Method Soap and Sustainable Coastlines have teamed up to bring some much needed mainstream attention to the problem of plastic pollution. In 2012, the two did a pioneering, eyebrow raising project to gather plastic trash from Hawaii’s beaches, and turn them into new bottles that Method then used for new soap products. Method, which was founded in 2001, is one of the companies we love here at the Important Media Network. They not only make a very healthy set of…

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Hydraulic Fracturing Hypocrisy: Exxon CEO Says No to Fracking

The dangerous gas mining process of hydraulic fracturing is threatening the fresh water supply on our planet. And though petrochemical companies still try to feebly claim that fracking is safe, in a most revealing move, Exxon’s CEO is now fighting to stop hydraulic fracturing on his own land.

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