Scott Cooney

Local Furniture Manufacturing Case Study: Honolulu Furniture Company

Globally, manufacturing facilities have shifted to the places where workers will generally work for the least amount of money and under the worst conditions. Subsidized shipping alongside these weak worker protection laws combined with international free trade agreements have led to the slow degradation of good paying manufacturing jobs. Certain industries, however, are starting to make a comeback in terms of localized manufacturing, and one such opportunity is in custom furniture built from locally sourced natural resources. Here, we profile…

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Message in a Bottle: the Method Method

Method Soap and Sustainable Coastlines have teamed up to bring some much needed mainstream attention to the problem of plastic pollution. In 2012, the two did a pioneering, eyebrow raising project to gather plastic trash from Hawaii’s beaches, and turn them into new bottles that Method then used for new soap products. Method, which was founded in 2001, is one of the companies we love here at the Important Media Network. They not only make a very healthy set of…

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Boycott Monsanto: Ten Easy Steps to Avoid GMO Foods & Subvert Agribusiness

Monsanto is a company that does little to no good, and a whole world of bad. Such massive and largely unaccountable corporations have been economically ravaging our world by externalizing the hidden costs of their dirty business and decades of environmental destruction. So what’s a concerned citizen to do? Here’s how to hurt Monsanto in the only place that they care about: their wallet.

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