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New Home Efficiency Self-Auditing Tool Allows you to find LEDs for your Home

Here at Ecolocalizer, we love to help you live greener and healthier, make your community more resilient, and improve lives. It’s a job we love! Living green means many things, like buying locally grown food, exploring alternative transportation, visiting ecotourism destinations, and so much more. But it really should begin in the home–that’s where we spend a huge portion of our time, and that’s where so much of our impact begins. A new self-auditing tool from Home Efficiency will now allow you to take a major step toward greening your life: assessing which of your lights you can swap our for LEDs.


Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is simply awesome. It uses ~85% less electricity than many conventional lightbulbs, while generating virtually no heat (meaning your A/C doesn’t have to work to offset it, and no one burns their hands on them!), and lasts 25,000 to 50,000 hours, meaning you’ll likely never have to buy another bulb. In addition, the color spectrums, color rendering index, look, feel, shapes…it’s all there. And thanks to economies of scale and the rapid advancement of the technology, the pricing is now so low as to make the return on investment (ROI) on LEDs incredibly fast. In other words, you’ll save so much on electricity, that the bulbs will pay for themselves, often within a year (check out the true cost of LEDs vs. CFLs vs. incandescents here…this includes the replacement cost of buying new bulbs when they burn out).

The challenge for many is that while changing lightbulbs is relatively straightforward, identifying the size, shape, base type, color spectrum, and other aspects of residential lighting is complex. Enter the Home Efficiency self-auditing tool. It starts by showing you what bulbs you should replace (and how to identify them).


It also has a number of other educational features, including how to measure a bulb in the right spots and with the right criteria (did you know they’re measured in eighths of an inch?) and the typical bulbs you might find in various types of fixtures around the house. It also goes into the lighting spectrum, a frequent cause of problems for people swapping out their own lighting.


The tool allows you to go through your home with your smartphone and look at all your fixtures, entering in data on what types of bulbs you find. At the end, if you want, it allows you to get a quote on replacing all those lights with LEDs, and tells you how much energy, carbon, and money you’ll save in doing so.

Check it out the DIY audit at Home Efficiency today and get on with greening your home!