LiitleBits 1

If you had a “smart home”, your internal computer network would able to do any of these simple tasks automatically. Or you could control them remotely from your smart phone.

Turn your lights on and off on a schedule or when certain conditions are triggered.
Set your air conditioner to cool when you’re home or save energy while you’re away.
Open your blinds during the day and shut them at night or when it’s particularly hot.
Feed your pets on a schedule and with predetermined amounts of food.
Open your garage door with voice commands.
Set your coffee maker to have a fresh pot ready as soon as you wake up.

But if your house isn’t all that smart, you can either hire someone to install the sensors and electronics you need or order a LittleBits Smart Home kit and do it yourself. The Smart Home Kit includes modules to monitor temperature, lights, sounds, and more.

LittleBits is a company that makes small, single purpose electronic components that snap together to form complex electronic devices. Individual components might include a electric eye to decide if its dark out, a thermometer to determine the temperature or a device that allows you to connect your creation to the internet so it can be controlled remotely using an If That Than This (IFTTT) protocol.

Not only will LittleBits let you control your world, they will teach you how computers do all those “smart” things. It’s like being able to see the programming code that makes websites work. So not only will your lights turn on at dusk, you will understand exactly what is happening electronically to make that happen.

The LittleBits Smart Home kit sells for $249. Or you can begin with a LittleBits starter kit for just $99 and work your way up from very basic electronic controls to more sophisticated ones as your needs require. Individual components are typically around $20 each. Either way, not only will your home be smarter when you are done but so will you.

Source: LifeHacker