Living in the city is not like being on a farm, pitching hay and milking cows 10 hours a day. Urbanites often don’t get the exercise they need because they tend to work in stressful occupations that leave little time for getting to the gym regularly. Add in the time it takes to raise children and many city dwellers just don’t have much room left in their day to take care of themselves.

But now there’s an alternative. Instead of driving across town and fighting for a parking space, you can get your workout or yoga session online via Acacia TV, where you can log in to meet any of Acacia TV’s 7 personal trainers. Let Coach Allison help get your motivation level up. Participate in a cardio boot camp with Amanda Young, strength training with Deazie Gibson, interval training with Gerren Liles,  or dance fitness with Kimberly Mullen. Try a yoga strength workout with Kristen McGee or yoga from Greece with Shiva Ria.

Acacia 2Sometimes, you may need more than just exercise to cope with the pressures of your busy urban lifestyle. Connect with the Mind & Body Blog from Kate Hanley, who says, “I help busy women slow down and hear what’s true for them, so they can do the things that matter and stop stressing about the things that don’t.” Or check in with AlisonHeilig’s Fit Blog for proven and tested tips about goal setting and motivation.

Acacia TV even has their own shopping channel featuring items that promote a healthy, joyous lifestyle. Choose from hundreds of items in clothing, shoes, jewelry or home furnishings, all chosen specifically to support the goals of Acacia TV subscribers.

Best of all, you can try Acacia TV free for 10 days to see if you like it. The service streams directly to your computer, smart phone, tablet of Roku. So from now on, you can access everything you need for healthy, stress free living from anywhere in the world right over the internet. That’s a great deal.

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