Brooklyn's First Passive House Condo

Built and designed by (certified passive house architect) Paul Castrucci, Architect, and Ray Sage of Race Age, Inc., the R-951 Residence currently going up in Brooklyn is the latest passive house project going up in the neighborhood. Unlike most, however, R-951 is a condo featuring 3 distinct family residences / units.

The three unit walkup/condominium is being called “a unique project”, and features an ultra-efficient design built in concert with a net-metered, rooftop solar energy system. Those solar panels should provide enough energy for all three tenants throughout most of the year. In a further nod towards “green” (in this case, a green space), Castrucci gave each unit a backyard, deck, and roof top gardening space intended to provide plenty of room for the tenants and their families to spend time outdoors and grow their own food.

We’ve included some plan and elevation drawings of the new buildings for you to check out, below. If you want to see more of the R-951 Residence (named for its resilience and high “R-value”, along with its address), including construction photos, head on over to the excellent photo gallery at Inhabitat. Enjoy!


First Passive House Condo in Brooklyn





Originally published on Green Building Elements.