Public transit is a major issue in any city, with obstacles like rising infrastructure costs, conflicting schedules, and pollution from old-style city buses making the topic a formidable one for governments and populations alike. Residents of many of Brazil‘s largest cities have one more problem to contend with, however: there’s almost no way to know what bus stops at what stop. That’s right. In many parts of Brazil there are no signs or schedules posted at the cities’ bus stops, making bus travel difficult for locals who lack access to digital schedules and all but impossible for tourists and newcomers trying to find their way around – but a grassroots, community action group has stepped up to solve the problem.

Residents of Porto Alegre, Brazil began the aptly named “What bus stops here?” (Que Ônibus Passa Aqui?) project, and distributed a blank sticker to be placed at each of the local area’s bus stops, with people who use the buses filling in the blanks, enabling new riders to quickly determine if they’re in the right place.

The project engaged all members of the community and directly benefited residents and tourists alike.

The idea soon caught on, and graphic company All Signs stepped in to provide a simple design which could be mass produced, making 50 colourful adhesive stickers to be pasted on each bus stop. The sticker asks ‘Que Ônibus Passa Aqui?’ and locals collectively write down exactly which routes pass that stop.

“Que Ônibus Passa Aqui?” is just one more great example of the kind of real, tangible quality-of-life improvements that residents of a given community can realize when they put collaboration, communication, and colorful stickers first. You can watch a video explaining the project, at top (fair warning: it’s in Portuguese), and check out some photos of the community project stickers, below.


“What Bus Stops Here?” Project in Brazil

Source | Images: Pop Up City, via Archinect.