As our planet’s finite resources continue to dwindle, creating new ways to reuse or repurpose unneeded items is becoming an increasingly popular and smart idea. A discarded plastic bottle can become anything from a sustainable solar light source to a crafty and affordable homemade greenhouse. The undiscovered recycling possibilities for what is often considered garbage are vast, as is illustrated in a recent chicken coop post on Insteading, one of our media network’s sister sites.


Jo Borras writes about how to avoid the hassle and complications of constructing housing for your urban chickens by simply transforming an old china cabinet into a cozy poultry home. This clever concept not only saves money and valuable resources, imagining new uses for unwanted items also helps to keep garbage out of landfills. For more information about this great idea, here is Jo’s original post on the subject:

DIY Tip: Turn an Old China Cabinet into a Fresh Egg Apartment

We all love the idea of growing our own. Sometimes that’s vegetables or microgreens, sometimes it’s rabbits, and- on rare occasions- that can even mean grubs and maggots. When it comes to poultry and eggs, however, the biggest obstacle for many people in cities or living on small lots is the actual construction of a chicken coop. Or, it was, anyway- the imaginative people at Fresh Eggs Daily recently posted this photo of a repurposed china cabinet that’s been fitted with chicken wire and hay to make a cozy, urban-lifestyle-friendly chicken coop.

chicken coop cabinet

If you live a little further out, I’m sure you can find everything you need to reproduce this awesome, DIY egg farm for very few dollars- if not for free! Just be sure your starting cabinet only has 2 doors- if it has 4, you may end up with a chicken sedan.

chicken coop image via Insteading