Siemens Wind Turbine

Siemens’ latest commercial for their extreme wind turbine program combines dramatic, computer-generated camera angles, swooping visuals, and an epic soundtrack that might be more appropriate for a summer blockbuster if, you know, Siemens weren’t out there actually trying to save the world with their cheap, clean, non-polluting power. The kind of “save the world” thing that clean power providers do every day, in other words.

Projects like the massive wind turbines shown in this commercial, Siemens hopes, will help reduce or eliminate the need for new coal mining operations and toxic hydraulic fracking for natural gas to meet future energy needs. It seems like that plan may be working, too- many industry pundits are predicting (if not outright hoping for) the collapse of what’s been called “the fracking bubble”. Here’s hoping projects like this contribute heavily to that.

So, enough talk! You can check out Siemens’ latest wind turbine commercial for yourself, below …

… and check out some Siemens-provided infographics highlighting some of the progress the company has made in regards to wind turbines getting bigger and badder over the last few years. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Siemens, via Planetsave.