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San Francisco’s Adobe Books Must Not Die


There are only two days left to help save one of the Mission District’s most beloved and inspiring institutions, Adobe Books. Only a few more thousand dollars are needed to help keep this vital space from shuttering its doors forever. This shop is a cornerstone of artistic and cultural life in the neighborhood, as well as throughout the entire Bay Area — please don’t let it die.

Adobe Books

Adobe is located in San Francisco, at 3166 16th Street, near Valencia and Guerrero.

I have known Adobe’s proprietor, Andrew, for many years, as well as scores of the diverse artists, musicians and performers who have called the cozy shop home. Andrew is an incredibly generous, creative and kind person, who has done more for to support the San Francisco arts community than anyone else that I know. This independent bookstore represents the heart and soul of what is magical and unique about the Mission community.

In order to combat recent massive rent increases, Adobe is now going to restructure itself as a cooperative business, integrating the support of hundreds of neighborhood locals and artists. They have launched a crowdsourcing fundraiser to help realize the store’s evolution. Here is an excerpt from Adobe’s Indiegogo project, which helps explain who they are, and what is their new collective vision:

Who We Are:

10 months ago when we heard that Adobe Books was about to be forced out of business by a 4k a month rent increase we formed a group to try to save it.

Adobe has been such an important part of our lives as artists, writers, book lovers, and Mission dwellers — not only for the books, but for the impromptu events and gatherings, the gallery featuring local artists, the discussions, friendships and connections it has nurtured among us and the generous, welcoming spirit of the place — that we couldn’t see the mission without it.

So we asked Andrew if he would be willing to stay on as part of a new Adobe books and arts collective, if we could figure out a way — and he said yes.

For the past 10 months we have been brainstorming and researching, studying alternate business models, reaching out to Adobe’s friends near and far and talking to successful bookstores, galleries, and collective businesses — from Kepler’s books to Pierogi Flatfile Gallery in Brooklyn to Rainbow Grocery — to develop our vision.


Our Goal: 

Develop a new Adobe that is everything we love about the old Adobe and more — with a sustainable business plan that can become a model for other efforts like ours to keep culture, the arts, and small businesses alive in our communities.

Now we are ready to go forward. We have a business plan, business partners, an experienced bookstore manager ready to come on board, and some enthusiastic initial investors. We have a strong support network including NOBAWC, Seminary Bookshop, local artists, Rainbow Grocery, and more. We’ve done our homework and we’re committed to our vision. All we need is you…



If you can, please donate a few dollars to the Indigogo project to help preserve Adobe Books.