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Fiore Cartoon Concisely Captures Catastrophic Catholic Church Crises


still image from Pope resignation animation

Mark Fiore is an amazingly insightful Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist and creator of genius animated political videos. Whether his subject is gun control or global warming, Fiore’s short comic films encapsulate and convey the brutal truth with concise humor and informed intelligence. Somehow his work is able to clearly express the essence of corrupt scandals and catastrophic events more powerfully than most other traditional forms of static journalism.

Mark’s most recent biting animation shines a brilliant light upon the quagmire of corruption that has engulfed the resigning pope and the Catholic Church. In “Pick-a-Pope”, menacing Batman themed music accompanies the unfolding cartoon tale, as a pack of red-robed cardinals furiously rush to the Papal conclave to decide who amongst themselves is fit to become their new leader:

 “…while Cardinal Mahony ‘The Shuffler’ arrived at the conclave, fresh off a deposition delving into his past crimes of hiding child rapists in various states and countries…”



More of Fiore’s excellent animated work can be found on his website: markfiore.com.


image is via markfiore.com